Employee Perspectives — A Quick Q&A with Todd Thies, Proposal Coordinator

Continental Mapping employees tell their stories, and, in the process, they tell the best part of Continental Mapping’s as well.

What interests you in surveying and mapping?

I love relationships. And one of the most easily recognizable relationships is in one object’s spatial location to another. I know that I am here and not two feet to my left. And I know that I am here and there’s a Krispy Kreme over there. To take a more useful example, I know that my house is here and that there is a 100 year floodplain there. I know that my children’s school is within three miles of a firehouse. Maps are documents that record these relationships — they track over time and they inform our decisions.

Why do you work at Continental Mapping?

I have known of Continental Mapping for 15 years — becoming increasingly familiar within the last 10. The beginning of this company started with Dave and Chris launching off on their own during a time when it was difficult to make a beginning in the mapping industry. The push, which resulted in Continental Mapping, can still be seen today in its mobile lidar and UAV efforts. That drive is far rarer than people would like to think.

What’s your favorite part about the culture at Continental Mapping?

While Continental Mapping embodies a desire to move constantly forward, my favorite part is the atmosphere. There is a strong streak of generosity. As I write this I’m falling further behind in my weight-loss goals because somebody anonymously bought doughnuts and cookies and left them in the kitchen — just because it’s Friday. There’s a streak of comradery. Informal teams gather to play hockey, softball and flag football. Most importantly, there is a streak of respect. There is certainly respect given from ownership down. But the culture also drives one employee’s respect for another. With respect comes trust. My boss, and the co-workers around me, can trust that I will do my job. That allows me to do my job independently and in ways that suit me best, as long as I am able to do it right.

For more on Todd, you can find him on LinkedIn or at tthies@continentalmapping.com