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6 Best Employers of Record (EORs) — India

6 Best Employers of Record (EORs) — India

With a population of over 1.4 billion, India presents itself as a desirable business destination for companies and incorporations looking for a strong consumer market, reliable global employees, and high value throughout the supply chain. Investors are attracted to India because of technology, manufacturing, financial services, and engineering services.

While this is enticing, establishing a business in India is quite complex, especially if you don’t have local expertise. Many companies partner with third-party business partners who can help them carry out legal and regulatory tasks to bypass these challenges.

Therefore, companies considering expansion partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or an Employer of Record in India to help make hiring, managing, and off-boarding processes easy.

Why do you need to partner with an EOR in India?

The global market is accessible to every business that seeks to expand beyond their home entity boundaries thanks to the globalization opportunities available at the stroke of a button. This has led to a rise in the rate of hiring global remote employees.

But the process of hiring remote global teams and managing them has its challenges. International remote teams can only be effective if and when the organization employs the right strategy.

The Indian legal system is primarily British, making it familiar to many international investors. What may not be expected is the infusion of these legal systems with the existing Indian culture and societal expectations. Established PEO or Employer of Record have taken the time to understand these laws and the cultural normalcy.

Using the following Employer of Record partners will help you bypass these challenges while expanding and managing your business in India. The most significant advantage is that PEOs/EORs enable compliance with the employment laws and taxation system, relieving the investor of considerable administrative efforts.

Best Employers of Record (EORs) in India

When hiring remote workers or assigning employees in India, hiring and onboarding is necessary, managing payroll and ensuring compliance with employment and tax laws. The Employers of Record in India below will help you establish your business without setting up a subsidiary:


Skuad is a Global HR Platform that enables organizations to hire and onboard, pay their employees, manage payroll, and ensure 100% compliance with the employment laws in India and taxation. The unified platform provides customized and convenient solutions to incorporations seeking to venture into the worldwide market, including India, without setting up an entity. In this interconnected digital world, Skuad has emerged as a platform that provides the much-needed services for business expansion with a click of a button.

For companies that are positioning themselves in the Indian market, Skuad is a highly viable platform that enables simplified global payroll management, ensures compliance and taxation. The self-serve platform has a global infrastructure setup and a unified dashboard that makes it a reliable EOR in India among more than 150 countries.

New Horizons Global Partners

Being one of the leading Global PEOs in India that offers services as a PEO/EOR, New Horizons Global Partners can facilitate effective and result-oriented market entry in the country. This is because the global partner can hire reliable individual staff and teams and take care of the relevant administrative tasks and compliance issues.

The most significant advantage of using New Horizons Global Partners as an Employer of Record in India is their end-to-end solutions customized to the existing market and your company’s goals.

Global PEO

Global PEO is a worldwide expansion partner that has established its global presence in many countries, including India. The connections owned by these organizations have made it effective in offering reliable EOR services in India.

It offers reliable payroll services in India while having the capacity to convert Indian contractor employees. In addition, the organization can help incorporations set up well-functioning entities in India. With Global PEO’s expansive international network, they can get top talent in place in India in a matter of days.

Sky Executive

Sky Executive is a well-experienced global expansion partner based in Pune, India. This makes it a household name among many companies that have successfully expanded into the Indian market. The Company is responsible for helping businesses acquire top talents and outsource departments or projects that need a trained workforce.

Sky executive offers cost-effective services that include hiring overseas employees in India, conducting payroll and tax compliances, and general management of employees. This makes it the go-to partner for companies that need help in managing their employees in India.

Elements Global Services

Having established themselves as one of the leading employers of record in India, Elements Global has helped several companies expand their global corporations into the Indian market.

They present themselves as a desirable business partner who offers hiring, onboarding, and managing overseas employees and teams, dealing with the local tax and compliance laws and regulations, and managing payroll services in India, among other 135+ countries across the globe.

Globalization Partners

With an employer of record in India that will help hire employees and manage payroll, a company doesn’t need to invest in setting up a subsidiary.

Given their experience in quickly hiring and managing employees and their knowledge and understanding of Indian labor laws, Globalization Partners presents itself as a favorable business partner.

When you approach Globalization Partners, they will help you acquire top talents in India, set up an Indian subsidiary, conduct payroll, compensation, and employee benefits.

In conclusion, partnering with an employer of record is not hard. Getting the right one for your business and long-term goals is the hardest part. When a business is ready to venture into the vast Indian market, go for an EOR in India with enough knowledge and experience with compliance, culture, and the Indian market.

Article written by Stella Eunn



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