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Best Employers of Record (EORs) — France

While finding the perfect market to expand your business sounds like a challenging idea, France presents an attractive market for investors targeting global expansion. As a high-income country, its annual gross domestic product of approximately $2.583 trillion has earned its 7th place in the list of countries with the best economy in the world.

France has a highly developed, free-market economy complemented by a very high Human Development Index. However, it is advisable to look beyond the stats and focus on the practical aspects of business like market insights, competition analysis, and an effective business plan.

Penetrating the French Marketplace

Technical and vocational education in France is characterized by creating the streamlined three-year vocational baccalauréat. This improved access to further studies, especially in courses that lead to senior technical positions.

While the employer must finance the vocational training system, the employees have to be more active in schemes such as personal training. The labor code requires the employer to ensure that all the employees adapt to the workplace through adequate training. The labor code requirements and employer schemes make the French labor market highly productive and reliable in business development and expansion.

Partnering with an EOR in France

France has an intense employment regulatory framework that every investor targeting the local market should abide by. These include employment contracts, probation period, termination procedures, statutory leaves, pension, and benefits, among other employment factors.

While the framework might present itself as a complex and exhaustive challenge, it can be bypassed if the globalizing company chooses to use a payroll service provider in France who understands the local employment laws and the local marketplace sphere.

Given that the French consumer market is primarily attracted to familiarity, using local companies that have established a rapport with the local market will help your company easily and quickly penetrate the market. The company will also help you solve the communication barrier, which will help your process meet every regulation while abiding by the European Union and French laws.

Below are some of the most reliable global professional employers of record in France that have proven to be effective in helping companies expand into the French marketplace:


Skuad is an established global all-in-one HR platform and a reliable globalization partner in over 150 countries. As one of the leading EOR partners in France, Skuad helps in building a team of highly skilled professionals and manages them from anywhere in the world while abiding by the local laws.

By utilizing the Skuad unified employment platform, organizations can hire, onboard, manage payroll and ensure full compliance with the French employment laws and taxation system.

Key services

  • With local knowledge, market insights, and experience with compliance in over 150 countries, Skuad can help establish your business in any market.
  • Skuad has a unified employment platform that effectively hires and manages remote workers in France.
  • Helps companies minimize compliance risks while expanding in Qatar by providing Contracts that align with local Qatar Labor laws.
  • Design easy and fast payroll management for employees and contractors in France that is aligned with HR data and local employment taxes and compliances
  • Offer compliance services as per the laws of the local government and employment laws.

Shield GEO

Shield GEO simplifies international employments for companies seeking to establish themselves in France while saving on the costs of setting up an incorporated entity. They focus on hiring corporate staff quickly and at a reasonable price and handling all local employment and payroll requirements in France, among other 50+ countries.

As an employer of records in France, the organization can manage core complex administrative and legal processes as per the laws and customs of employment while handling the day-to-day employee and business tasks.

Key services

  • Payroll and Income Tax
  • Local Employment from the initial contract signing to termination of your employee.
  • Work Permits and Immigration.

Fredpayroll Services

Having been established as a subsidiary of Rue de la Paye in 2000, a French online outsourced payroll pioneer, the company has consistently provided payroll and HR services to medium-sized businesses in France and Romania.

Fred Payroll is a fully digital company that focuses on customer-centric innovation for better communication and to make human resource management easier.

Key services

  • Fredpayroll offers customized payroll management and taxes services in France for all your global remote employees.
  • The company helps with the establishment of the employment contract as well as termination documents either in English or French
  • They also help with registering employees with the French social security authorities.
  • They have human resource consultancy services that can be customized to your needs.

Express Global Employment

Express Global Employment has been a Global Employer of Record (EOR)/PEO service provider in France, over 190 countries since founded in 2000. They help large companies and SMEs hire a global workforce and get and establish a brand footprint in new regions without the need to register their business entities.

As a legal Employer of Record or PEO in France, the organization helps investors legally onboard their local and global employees, provide work permit and immigration support, manages payroll, and offers global employee benefits.

Key services

  • As a PEO, it provides local support to local clients
  • Provides payroll services to both local and international employees
  • As EOR, the company supports global remote teams in France by managing employees and payroll services as well as providing foreign employee benefits.
  • Provides immigration support to expats.
  • Helps in global talent acquisition and retention,
  • worldwide expansion and entering new global markets fast and without risks

Bradford Jacobs

Based in Malta, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, The Bradford Jacobs provides Pan-European PEO services in more than 24 countries, given their intense experience with the European market and the local insights.

Their major area of focus is offering simplified global PEO payroll services, Human Resource solutions, Blue Cards, work permits, and other work visa classifications. Bradford Jacobs is an organization that delivers comprehensive employment and corporate services that allow businesses to focus on their core objectives.


France is an attractive and viable market for business expansions. However, before you introduce your product or service to the French market, research and an intensive business plan need to be laid out, considering market analysis, competition analysis, and consumer behavior in line with the industry.

While this DIY sounds overwhelming and is accompanied by various challenges, partnering with a company that provides EOR services in France will make the expansion smoother. Depending on your expansion goals, you may also consider the PEO payroll companies in France or our local and global staff services.

An Employer of Record in France is the easiest solution to legally establishing a business in France without incurring the costs of subsidiary setup.

Written by Stellah Eunn



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