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Best Employers of Record (EORs) — Mexico

Mexico is characterized by a favorable business environment. This makes expanding organizations and companies into the country highly desirable. The country provides promising investment and business opportunities to foreign companies wishing to extend their reach and hire talent.

Most companies have ventured into the Mexican market for investment and business expansion because of their favorable trade policies, weak currency, and affordable labor costs compared to world business leaders. The country also boasts of a strategic geographical location for business, given that it is connected to North and South America, where consumer economies are friendly to growing businesses.

Mexican Workforce

Mexico is under the spotlight as a viable option to recruit and train highly reliable, skilled employees within various industries. While some countries have experienced a stagnant workforce, the Mexican population grows at a 1.3% rate and is expected to maintain steady growth. Consequently, the Mexican government has invested in higher education and specialized training for advanced technology industries. This makes the Mexican labor force highly competitive while still maintaining cost-friendly wages.

However, the path to a successful business setup in Mexico is filled with challenges that can be financially draining. These challenges lie in:

  • Legal and compliances
  • Taxation processes
  • Cultural setbacks
  • Securing credit
  • Property registration
  • International trade compliances
  • Understanding laws that govern employee contracts

Nonetheless, this does not mean expanding your business into the Mexican market and attracting top talent from the Mexican talent pool is impossible. This is why more companies are turning to reliable Employers of record for result-oriented strategies to help them establish their business effortlessly and employ people who can help do that.

Best Employers of Record in Mexico

Are you still confused as to why an employer of record (EOR)? Companies and organizations use EORs as a legal entity to hire and manage employees, among other tasks performed by the human resource team. This way, many complications related to the marketplace, human resource, and payroll management for global teams is minimized.

Below are some of the reliable EORs you can partner with for business expansion in Mexico:


If you need a Global HR platform whose primary focus is to simplify hiring global teams, global payroll, compliances, and taxations, then Skuad is your ideal partner.

Skuad enables organizations to hire, onboard, pay employees, manage payroll, and comply with Mexican employment laws and tax regulations.

With an established infrastructure in over 150 countries, Skuad’s platform provides a single interface to onboard and manage global employees. As a result, the platform has made global employment easy for companies like Zenius, Topica, etc.

By leveraging the rising HR tech, Skuad has built a platform for companies to manage their remote distributed teams from anywhere without setting up local entities.

New Horizons Global Partners

The New Horizons Global Partners are reliable in offering comprehensive outsourcing solutions. Their services simplify hiring, onboarding, and managing payroll for globalizing companies.

They have reliable PEO and EORs that handle payroll, compliance, and all issues dealing with labor laws, taxation, and other human-resource-related services that help businesses better establish themselves while positioning for success in their operations. This is made seamless by their in-house dedicated recruitment team responsible for hiring and onboarding international employees.

This global partner has been successful in helping both new and startup companies process multi-country expansion strategies, attract top global talent and hire reliable remote teams.

Global PEO

Although this PEO is based in Hong Kong, their localized knowledge, experience, and expertise are up-to-date with Mexico’s local cultures, laws, and consumer market. This is why, over the years, Global PEO continues to be the partner of choice for many successful incorporations that need globalization.

Their services and customized solutions are cost-effective yet strategic enough to ensure that the company remains at the top of the competition in the consumer market. Furthermore, Global PEO helps businesses hire international remote teams faster, carry out the onboarding process, and help set up the entity, payroll, and other human resource tasks.

Velocity Global

Velocity Global is an American company founded in 2014 and can offer globalization services in over 185 countries, including Mexico. Their offerings focus mainly on international PEO services, entity setup and support, hiring international employees, immigration, payroll, and consultancy.

Besides their wide variety of services and solutions, what has made Velocity Global thrive so much in its partnerships is providing end–to–end solutions. With solutions based on putting the needs of the people first and delivering the premium solution, who wouldn’t want to partner with such an EOR.



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