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Best EOR platforms in Qatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of its Gross Domestic Product per capita. By acquiring massive growth in the last two decades and combining with an incredible climate, Qatar has positioned itself as a favorable destination for business ventures and expansions.

As a result of Qatar’s acceptance and adaptation of new technologies, the country’s IT market is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in its region. Combined with a young population, highly skilled professionals, and favorable business climate, there is no doubt as to why global organizations are actively looking to expand into the country.

While Qatar is an excellent country for business expansion, organizations planning to expand will face many challenging situations. One of such challenges is its complex employment laws. However, partnering with an Employer of Record Qatar platform enables organizations to expand without hassles.

This article highlights some of the best Employer of Record platforms that simplifies the processes of carrying out business operations in the country.


Skuad is a Global Employment and Payroll Platform that enables companies to hire contractors and full-time employees in Qatar and over 160 other countries without setting up a subsidiary. Skuad also facilitates talent onboarding, employee payments, and payroll management and ensures organizations remain compliant with the Qatari employment laws and regulations.

Key offerings

  • Skuad enables global firms to hire global talent — contractors and full-time employees in Qatar without setting up an entity or a subsidiary.
  • Organizations can onboard talent and build a distributed team in Qatar with Skuad’s global employment and payroll platform in a few days.
  • Skuad’s employment and payroll platform enable organizations to pay their employees and contractors in 100+ currencies and enjoy the benefits of optimal exchange rates without hidden fees.
  • Organizations can make precise and accurate payments to employees and contractors via Skuad’s payroll dashboard.
  • Organizations can calculate the employment costs, send locally compliant contracts, collect essential documents, and issue work permits in Qatar with Skuad’s employment and payroll platform.
  • Skuad ensures organizations remain fully compliant with the Qatari employment laws and tax regulations.

NH Global Partners

With a global workforce in over 150 countries, New Horizons Global Partners simplifies the hiring and payment of employees in Qatar with full compliance with employment laws. The employment platform offers Employer of Record Qatar services and end-to-end employment solutions for companies seeking to explore the Qatar market.

Key offerings:

  • Hire remote teams in Qatar without setting up a new subsidiary or a local entity.
  • NH Global Partners’ multicountry expansion can enable organizations to explore other countries while streamlining their business operations across multiple international markets.
  • NH Global Partners can help organizations manage payroll and ensure compliance in Qatar via its employment platform.
  • NH Global Partner’s cloud software effectively provides secured access to employee information and creates customized reports.

Shield GEO

Shield GEO is a global hiring platform committed to providing premium Employer of Record Qatar solutions, enabling business expansion in Qatar.

Key offerings

  • Global firms can hire and build teams in Qatar without subsidiaries with Shield GEO.
  • Shield GEO enables global companies to onboard talent and takes care of the entire legal responsibility for the employees.
  • Organizations can manage payroll, administer benefits, and file taxes on behalf of employees in Qatar with Shield GEO.
  • Shield GEO handles all legal responsibilities by ensuring compliance with the Qatari local employment laws.


Mercans is a top Employer of Record platform in Qatar that specializes in providing exceptional HR and simplified payroll services for businesses planning to expand.

Key offerings:

  • Mercans streamlines global payroll solutions in Qatar for organizations planning to establish their presence in the local market.
  • The Employer of Record Qatar platform provides global employment outsourcing services that focus on outsourcing HR services for international recruitment while ensuring compliance with the Qatari employment laws.


Qatar is home to many world-class global organizations and businesses. The country is a fantastic destination with the right resources for business growth. Building a team or expanding into Qatar is a crucial decision. Therefore, it is best practice for organizations to take the route that simplifies the process. The best way to do this without hassles is by partnering with an Employer of Record Qatar platform like Skuad. To know more about Skuad, book a demo today.



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