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Best PEO and Employer of Record (EOR) platforms in Romania

As one of the leading European nations, Romania is a conducive environment for building a remote team.

Since 2010, Romania’s growth rate has been one of the fastest in Europe. Its economic climate and geographic positioning are favorable to business expansion and set a firm footing in the major European markets.

However, organizations face quite a few challenges when expanding into Romania. Among these challenges is complying with the Romanian employment laws and tax regulations. These employment laws govern every aspect of Romania’s business operations, from hiring to payroll management.

With Employer of Record (EOR) platforms and global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) partners in Romania, organizations can hire, onboard, pay employees and ensure compliance with the Romanian employment laws without setting up a subsidiary or an entity in Romania.

Employ Talent in Romania with these EOR/PEOs


Skuad is a top-rated Employer of Record (EOR) platform in Romania. Its unified HR platform enables organizations to build a global remote team in Romania. Skuad gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world while taking care of the operations in Romania via the Skuad platform.

Core Offerings;

  • Create local teams compliantly and pay them in the local currency.
  • Access an automated system for managing compliance, taxation, and payroll.
  • Consolidate multiple invoices in One Invoice, inclusive of benefits and taxes, on Skuad’s platform.
  • The self-serving platform automates employee management and allows multiple integrations, giving you the best system for hiring, paying, and managing remote teams.

Working with Skuad is as simple and easy as it gets. With its network reach in over 150 countries, Skuad provides a seamless and efficient platform for building a global team without setting up a subsidiary.

Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services aims to simplify your business processes and enable you to expand your business seamlessly. This EOR in Romania is also operating in 135 other countries. It means that they can help you hire people from Romania and any other country with due compliance.

Core Offerings;

  • An agile expansion solution for businesses looking for a professional key to employment and compliance.
  • Use their proprietary software, ApprovPay, to create, manage, and complete employees plus contractor invoices in the local currency.
  • Take help from on-ground experts and receive bespoke training plus recommendations about your expansion plans.
  • Create Romania-specific contracts for employees and contractors by following the local rules and regulations.

Elements Global Services is about creating an impact where it is needed and automating your functions to help you work on the core business activities. Working with them means you will observe a faster time to market at lower costs via process formation authenticated by on-ground experts.

Express Global Employment

With access to the market conditions and talent pool of 190 countries, Express Global Employment is one of Romania’s most widespread EOR and PEO payroll companies. From securing the perfect talent to delivering company registration and payroll solutions, you can expect a great deal of assistance from them.

Core Offerings;

  • Start your business operations in the least possible time by hiring the required employees under complete compliance and following the regulations.
  • Build a globally compliant workforce right here in Romania according to local legislation.
  • Work with Acumen International to establish an end-to-end payroll system for local and global employees while attracting the brightest talent.
  • Enter Romania with an assurance for getting permits, permissions, and efficiency to create the best scope for growth.

Establish your business in Romania without setting up an entity and dealing with red-tapism. Work with Express Global Employment to streamline your success and leverage new opportunities. Get work permits, standardize the work processes, and create your path for success.

New Horizons

New Horizons offers its PEO and EOR services in Romania to help you with these aspects and many more that revolve around managing the payroll, employee onboarding, and ensuring compliance. Achieving success in a foreign market rests on two core elements, following the rules and optimizing your time and cost.

Core Offerings;

  • Fast track your expansion by partnering with New Horizons and receive actionable intelligence about setting up your operations quickly and efficiently.
  • Get recommendations from an in-house recruitment team to find, recruit, and onboard the most qualified professionals perfect for your business.
  • With complete knowledge of the local systems, New Horizons can help you expand your business with minimal costs and the shortest possible time.
  • Outsource your payroll activities to New Horizons and stop worrying about employee payments with full compliance and taxation requirements.

Working with New Horizons means that you can build a compliant business and workforce on the shoulders of one of the best PEO companies in Romania. This PEO Romania is your one-stop solution to every sort of expansion requirement, offering complete local compliance and adherence to the laws.

Shield GEO

Shield GEO is an expert at creating an overseas workforce with full compliance to the law of the land, which in this case is Romania. From creating a smooth path for global employment to managing them and adhering to the taxation policies, Shield GEO is your ideal partner to execute business expansion plans.

Core Offerings;

  • Implement the perfect and country-specific strategies to grow and scale your business smoothly in the country.
  • Find yourself surrounded by experts keen to help you build your business with 100% compliance and following the regulations in record time.
  • Leverage Shield GEO’s global employment system to find the ideal people for your business and enhance your productivity levels.
  • Establish a global payroll system built by following the local taxation policies to ensure adherence.

Shield GEO is your ultimate partner in creating a global workforce and establishing your business with complete transparency and authenticity in Romania. As one of the leading PEO companies in Romania, Shield GEO is committed to delivering the most effective services for your business.


From basic employment settings to understanding the complexities of the taxation policies, accessing the PEO and EOR services in Romania is pivotal to success. An Employer of Record or Professional Employer Organization Romania will steer your business towards success by creating effective solutions aimed at helping you achieve the least possible steps and cost.



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