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Choosing a Global Payroll Management Platform

Payroll management is one of the most complex aspects of running a business. As an organization hires employees, paying them accurately, on time, and in their preferred currency is essential to the organization’s smooth running. For global organizations, payroll management is more complex and challenging. Besides ensuring the employees are paid accurately and quickly, the global payroll management involves navigating the diverse country regulations regarding payroll, compliance with stipulated laws, multi-country tax regulations, payment in different currencies, etc.

However, global organizations have discovered that partnering with global payroll and HR platforms eases the complexities of global payroll management. These global payroll and HR platforms enable organizations to hire contractors and full-time employees, onboard talent, ensure global payroll management, and ensure local compliance with local employment laws.

This article highlights some of the best global payroll management platforms that enable organizations to build a remote team anywhere in the world efficiently.


Skuad is a global HR platform that enables organizations to hire contractors and full-time employees in over 160 countries. Skuad also enables global payroll management and local legal compliance in the country of employment.

Skuad’s global HR platform streamlines digital onboarding, simplifies global payroll management, and ensures employment laws in different countries. By utilizing Skuad, organizations can build remote teams anywhere in the world without setting up a subsidiary or an entity.

Skuad handles the entire employment lifecycle so organizations can scale their business operations globally with reduced costs, less hassles, and a superb HR administration.


Another EOR platform puts payroll, benefits, compliance management, and taxes on auto-pilot mode. Panther is a 1-click worldwide payroll that makes you onboard talent instantly, maintaining compliance with local labor laws. This platform ensures compliant bilingual agreements through a single dashboard enabling you to access their experienced HR and legal teams anytime.

For Panther, compliance includes employees’ criminal record checks, credit inquiries, and identity verification, giving much importance to intellectual property and ownership protection.

Though they are active in more than 150 countries, their specific compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes them suitable for the European Union only.

Global payroll management platforms ensure the use of superior competitive payroll technology that provides you with much-required peace of mind while filing taxes and other legal locally-compliant services.

There exist many platforms, all you need to see who is active in your country and suits your budget and business size.



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