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Employer of Record platforms in Denmark

Denmark is an excellent place to build a team and run a business. The country is a free capitalist market economy with an enviable social welfare system for its citizens. Despite Denmark’s small population and land mass, there is a vast pool of top talent and professionals with a high level of English language proficiency.

With one of the best economies in all of Europe due to the country’s low unemployment, highly skilled workforce, and steady economic growth, Denmark attracts some of the best organizations in the world.

While the country’s labor market is flexible and Denmark ranks high on the ease of doing business list, expanding into Denmark requires understanding the country’s employment laws and regulations that govern business and employment. Partnering with an Employer of Record Denmark platform to efficiently build a team or expand into Denmark is the best solution. An Employer of Record platform will help you hire, pay, and manage compliance with Denmark’s employment laws with no hassles.

This article outlines some of the best Employer of Record Denmark platform that simplifies the expansion and hiring of top talent.


Skuad is a Global Employment and Payroll Platform that enables employers to hire contractors and full-time employees in Denmark and over 160 countries without setting up a subsidiary. Skuad also helps organizations onboard talent, pay employees, manage payroll, and ensure organizations are fully compliant with Denmark’s employment laws and tax regulations.

Key offerings

  • Skuad helps companies in Denmark hire contractors and full-time employees and 160 other countries without requiring to set up a subsidiary.
  • Organizations can use Skuad’s global Employment and Payroll Platform to onboard talent, pay employees, and draft employment contracts.
  • Skuad ensures their client companies remain compliant with Denmark’s local employment laws and regulations.
  • Skuad’s platform helps with payroll management for full-time employees and contractors by filing local employment taxes and managing legal compliances.

Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global is an Employer of Record platform that allows you to hire and pay employees in Denmark and anywhere without setting up an entity. Safeguard Global’s framework helps you plan and manage your global workforce to ensure success.

Key offerings

  • Safeguard Global equips organizations planning to expand into Denmark with the right technology and local expertise to achieve success in the country and globally.
  • You can streamline payroll processes across currencies, languages, and time zones in over 150 countries with Safeguard Global.
  • Safeguard Global’s platform helps managers stay on top of HR administration.

Bradford Jacobs

Bradford Jacobs Expansion services enable organizations to build teams and expand into Denmark and any other country using their global group of entities.

Key offerings

  • Bradford Jacobs simplifies the processes of global expansion. Organizations can enter Denmark with ease by partnering with Bradford Jacobs.
  • Manage international projects with employees in Denmark or any other country.
  • Bradford Jacobs helps organizations onboard talent in Denmark easily in just a few days.

Global PEO Services

Global PEO Services helps organizations expand into Denmark without setting up legal entities or navigating the complexities of HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and compliance issues. The Employer of Record Denmark solution helps organizations hire employees quickly, respond to growing business needs, and handle compliance and operational burden.

Key offerings

  • Global PEO services streamline data collation and powerful analytics about the global team with proprietary SaaS solutions, including leave management and benefits.
  • Global PEO services are trusted service providers for immigration and global mobility due to their experience in securing visas, work permits, and expatriate tax.
  • The Employer of Record Denmark platform provides global expansion services, including HR, payroll, accounting, and tax, enabling organizations to establish themselves in new markets.


Denmark is home to several world-class companies and businesses. The country is an attractive destination equipped with the right resources for business growth and a highly skilled workforce. Building a team in Denmark is an important decision for any organization planning to expand globally. The best way to do this with no hassles is by partnering with an Employer of Record Denmark platform like Skuad.

Skuad handles the entire employment lifecycle so your organization can scale business operations in Denmark with no hassles, lower costs, and an efficient HR administration. To know more about Skuad, book a demo today.



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