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How to Make Remote Work, Work

Hybrid remote work models have rapidly spread across industries and organizations, leading to more diversity as more companies hire remote teams. Remote work can be challenging in fluent and consistent communication, motivation and engagement, maintaining productivity, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This article highlights the tips and tricks to help us work through the challenges of remote work.

How to create an effective remote work setup

Setting up a working space as a remote employee should be a priority. You will need to adapt to new tools and platforms that need a proper work environment.

Resist the temptation to work from that comfortable sofa or a warm bed. It’s unhealthy, and there will be no difference between work and social life. Lack of work-life balance is harmful.

I will advise investing in long-term work-from-home equipment that supports your health and wellbeing. You are likely to want to invest in the following essential home office equipment:

  1. A comfortable, ergonomic, adjustable office chair that fits your interior decor.
  2. Table or office desk that aligns with the available home office space. Include the necessary office storage space.
  3. A reliable Internet connection.
  4. The correct lighting.

How to remain engaged/motivated when working remotely

Work burnouts are common occurrences when working remotely. Each morning comes with its struggle given the burnout, the distractions, and the desire to overwork which disconnects us from our colleagues. This is where we see the importance of that typical office interaction.

The tips below can help you stay focused and productive in your home office while working remotely:

Take a break and move your body

Your body needs to remain in motion, and your brain needs regular breaks. It is advisable to take short breaks and walk around or engage your body in activities like yoga, jumping jacks, etc. This will help your endorphins move in the right direction, thus, stimulating your body. You will feel better, present, and engaged with your work.

Create a daily routine structure

This should include regular breaks, time for exercising, and social life. While it might seem perfect, walking through the day without any structure can affect your engagement and productivity. Find a schedule that works for you and follow a routine.

Initiate virtual interactions

Interactions can be as short as 5 minutes but productive if done frequently. When the interactions are frequent, genuine connections will be created, which will lead to the arousal of interest to stay connected and engaged with the work.

Set goals and strive to achieve them

When you set achievable goals, you will keep yourself engaged in your work to achieve them, regardless of whether you are working from home. It will also keep you involved in continuous professional development and growth, increasing productivity.

How to enhance and maintain remote work productivity

While 2020 has created trends in the workplace environments, the focus has been on the productivity of remote workers and remote teams. As a remote worker, I would agree that sometimes the motivation to report to work is challenged. Below are some of the ways remote employees can adopt to remain productive:

Have priorities

Be realistic about what you can do and accomplish based on the time, schedule, and environmental situation. Be honest with your managers and teammates and avoid overcommitting to achieve the set productivity standards as this might be harmful to you and the company.

Have defined boundaries

I would recommend keeping your workspace from the intrusion of other household members or social life. That way, you can monitor your working hours and keep your social life out of your professional life.

Be active during meetings

Every company with remote teams has scheduled consistent formal meetings to ensure all employees work towards the same goal. Use this time wisely to avoid prolonged and consistent informal interactions with the managers and teammates after the meeting. Ask any questions and clarifications and table your concerns where need be while listening actively.

Practice Clear communication

Communication in remote teams should be clear, consistent, and customized to the employee’s tasks. As employees should provide transparent information, remote employers should understand every aspect of the task. Express your experiences and progress through formal or informal platforms or interactions and ensure effective responses develop.

Mind your health

Productivity is achieved if employees are working under manageable stress. This is why remote employees need to practice self-care and be conscious of their mental state daily. The whole point of minding personal health is creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle besides your professional life.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in remote work

While remote work has its benefits, many remote workers have had challenges dealing with their physical, mental, and social states. However, remote workers still have psychological and social challenges to deal with, like loneliness and lack of life balance.

Below are ways to balance your social and professional life and tips to manage stress while working remotely.

How to keep a healthy Work-Life Balance in Remote Work

If you are having challenges creating and adapting to a well-defined schedule that keeps you in check on when you should start and finish your professional tasks, these tips should come in handy:

  • Communicate your working hours to your Team
  • Keep track of your working time
  • Schedule well-timed meetings
  • Have separate user accounts on your devices
  • Have a different workspace from home
  • How to manage stress in remote work

It has been established that stress among remote employees comes in different forms, which can be challenging to recognize. Some of the common issues remote workers face that can lead to stress and mental health include lack of social interaction, working longer hours, lack of work-life balance, and lack of telltale lines.

The following tips should help employees better cope with stress while working remotely:

  • Balancing work and life
  • Have face to face conversation
  • Take a work-free Holiday
  • Make time for Social Interaction

How to keep up with remote work Trends

While 2020 changed the workplace models, the future of remote work is constantly evolving as more companies hire remote teams, and remote employees discover the convenient way of running companies and accomplishing the needed tasks. Below are a few trends we expect to see:

Companies adapting to remote and hybrid work model

Many companies have expressed their desire to stay remote or adapt to the hybrid model of work. This calls for more efforts to be put into developing more convenient platforms and tools of communication, collaboration, and coordination of work protocols.

Adaptation to Asynchronous Communication

As more and more companies embrace the new normalcy of remote work, adapting to the asynchronous form of communication is crucial. Video conference calls or text chats will have to be subjected to strict asynchronous guidelines to ensure they are not intrusive. On the other hand, remote employers are expected to deliver the deliverables on time.

Adaptation to remote-friendly benefits

Companies have invested in furniture, office space, lunches and snacks, recreational activities, and conferences in traditional workplaces. As remote work becomes more dominant, companies will have to make this budget flexible by allocating this stipend to help remote employees create a more effective remote workspace.

The popularization of platforms and services for Remote hiring, payroll, and operations

While companies venturing into remote and hybrid remote teams have many challenges, the most significant challenges are ways organizations can hire remote teams, pay employees and contractors, and ensure compliance with the employment laws and tax regulations. However, Employer of Record solutions like Skuad can help organizations with the challenges of remote work.

Skuad’s Global HR Platform enables organizations to hire remote teams, onboard talent, manage payroll, and ensure compliance with employment laws.

To know more about Skuad, book a demo today.



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