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Partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) in Qatar

Did you know that Qatar is the richest country in the world?

Although small in size, the country boasts of a strong economy that has grown over the years, thanks to not only the large oil and gas reserves that have dominated the market for a long time, but also financial, tourism, and other successful industries.

As lucrative as it may sound, expanding into the Qatar economy is not that easy.

It is characterized by challenges imposed by strict business and employment laws, language barriers, and cultural differences which can cause delays and frustrations.

This is why many companies that wish to expand business in Qatar and hire talent in the country benefit by partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR). An Employer of Record Qatar platform helps companies establish their ground faster while avoiding compliance risks and liabilities. They help you in hiring employees and contractors from Qatar without establishing a local entity.

Finding a reliable Employer of Record partner in Qatar is easy, provided they understand your needs and long-term goals. Below are some of the EOR solutions in Qatar that can help with your globalization plans:


Skuad is one of the most reliable partners for expanding or building a team in Qatar among other 160 countries. As a Global HR Platform, Skuad is effective in helping businesses hire contractors and full-time employees, onboard talent, run multi-currency payroll, manage remote teams, and ensure compliance with the employment laws in Qatar while simplifying business operation and expansion.

The platform gives the companies the chance to effectively hire top global talent in Qatar while they focus on difficult tasks of managing global payroll, compliance, and taxes in the country.

Key offerings:

  • Helps companies minimize compliance risks while expanding in Qatar by providing contracts that align with local Qatar Labor laws. These can be generated automatically on a self-serve platform, e-signed, and sent to employees and contractors.
  • Provides an infrastructure to hire global remote teams in Qatar without establishing a local entity.
  • Provides a platform to hire and onboard contractors and full-time employees.
  • Simplifies payroll management for employees and contractors in Qatar that is aligned with HR data and local employment taxes and compliance.
  • Ensures ironclad security of important and sensitive employee and employer data.

NH Global Partners

With a global workforce in over 150 countries, New Horizons Global Partners make it simple to hire, onboard, and pay your remote employees in Qatar in full compliance with local laws regardless of where you are based. The organization offers Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record services, as well as end-to-end employment solutions for companies seeking to explore the Qatar market.

Additionally, they provide recruitment, employee onboarding, international payroll, tax withholding, immigration support, company registration, and legal compliance services.

Key offerings:

  • Hire remote teams globally without setting up a new company in that country which saves you approximately 85% of the total expansion costs.
  • With its global reach, in-house recruitment team, customized local searches, and end-to-end recruitment process, the organization attracts top global talents in Qatar that are productive and reliable.
  • Besides being your reliable employer of record in Qatar, the organization’s multicounty expansion can help you explore other countries as you streamline business operations across multiple international markets.
  • NH Global Partners can help you manage payroll and compliance in Qatar using their one invoice for everything approach that allows you to pay your team’s global payroll, taxes, and benefits in one convenient invoice.
  • They also have cloud software that is effective in providing secure access to employee data, creating custom reports, and easily managing payslips, contracts, expenses, and more.

Mauve Group

Mauve bases its services on experience and knowledge given that the organization has been supporting globalizing business for more than 25 years now in more than 150 countries. This is a reliable global EOR in Qatar that supports businesses and companies looking to develop into the global marketplace and is driven in everything they do by the shared values.

Key offerings:

  • As an employer of record, Mauve helps companies expand into the Qatar marketplace at reduced costs, improved profits, and the opportunity for rapid expansion into new markets.
  • The organization helps expanding countries acquire reliable independent contractors who provide core business services.
  • They also provide project management solutions in Qatar for the expansion and mobilization strategy allowing you to focus on the success of the business.
  • Mauve helps companies handle payroll compliances in Qatar thus mitigating liabilities and extra expenses.
  • They provide support and assistance in immigration to organizations requiring visa and work permit services for expatriate staff.
  • Besides that, their consultancy services help investors by mobilizing their business and workforce concerning the Qatar laws and marketplace.

Connect Resources

Connect Resources is the leading Staff Outsourcing Agency in the UAE whose main focus is helping companies increase their efficiency by offering supreme HR consultancy services in Qatar and staffing solutions. With unparalleled industry insight and a sophisticated consultative approach for both the companies and employees, Connect Resources aims to meet HR needs and provide effective solutions.

The agency helps investors and entrepreneurs with services designed to improve the functionality and efficiency of the company, On the other hand, it provides employees with services to start working in this country without having any inconvenience.

Key offerings:

  • Staff Outsourcing Services help companies to fill available positions and start working towards the goals in the shortest time possible while saving on money, time, and other resources.
  • Visa Outsourcing Services that target employees and employers who require legal documents to start working in Qatar.
  • As a Professional Employer Organization in Qatar, Connect Resources will help your company expand in Qatar by providing payroll services, administrative and HR services among other tasks while saving you precious time on lengthy processes and finding efficient and profitable ways of establishing a business in the local market.
  • As an Employer of Record in Qatar, the agency handles liabilities and responsibilities of employees, provides legal protection, provides payroll functions, payroll duties, and tax compliances at affordable rates thereby helping your incorporation settle in the Qatar marketplace effectively.
  • The agency offers Recruitment Services for companies and investors that need reliable remote employees in Qatar in compliance with local employment laws.


Mercans is a leading professional employer organization in Qatar that specializes in providing bespoke HR services and simplified payroll solutions for business expansion and globalization. The organization focuses on delivering innovative services and products, and cutting-edge human capital management advice, to ensure your business’s consistent growth and success, regardless of the size of your company.

Mercans boasts of a cloud-based solution that combines the performance of proprietary technologies driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning that works hand in hand with the insightful input of human experts.

Key offerings:

  • Mercans streamlines global payroll services in Qatar from the time you establish your business in the local market and continues to improve the quality of services to adjust to the processes during their adoption and implementation.
  • It provides global employment outsourcing services that focus on outsourcing HR services for global recruitment while following local compliance.
  • Mercans is the go-to partner for any business process outsourcing (BPO). This is because they have office outsourcing services and software products, as well as a team of experts which provides ideal internal business functions.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your business in Qatar is a big step that will give your brand the exposure it needs in the global market. While the process might be challenging, from the tedious hiring process, complex payroll and tax compliances, and management of employees, finding a reliable Employer of Record Qatar partner makes every process convenient.

Companies that provide EOR services in Qatar have the much-needed experience in helping businesses establish and be successful while entering the global market.



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