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Top Employer of Record partners for remote teams

Employers want productive employees as a company’s human resource is its ultimate asset for bringing in the best for businesses. And in response to COVID-19, many companies started taking suitable measures for managing remote employees efficiently while dealing with the current topsy-turvy to the best of their capacities.

The pandemic was challenging for all companies and this spurred a dramatic rise in remote work culture. While remote work comes with lots of benefits, companies face challenges regarding hiring and managing their global teams and therefore embrace solutions that simplify the process of building a global remote team.

With the problem being stated, many employers might be thinking about ways of managing their global teams efficiently. This also includes having to know how they can navigate the complex processes of cross-border payroll, international hiring, and employment laws compliance.

To effectively solve this problem, an Employer of Record (EOR) provides organizations with everything they need to expand into or build a team in a new country.

The Employer of Record acts as a legal employer on behalf of the organization and enables them to hire contractors and full-time employees without setting up a subsidiary. The EOR also helps companies onboard talent, manage payroll, and ensure compliance with the local employment laws.

This article outlines some of the most reliable Employer of Record partners for building a team anywhere in the world.


  • Skuad is a Global HR Platform that enables organizations to hire full-time employees and contractors in over 160 countries without setting up an entity.
  • Skuad helps organizations manage payroll, ensure GDPR compliance with employment laws and tax regulations.
  • Skuad’s single platform handles everything required to ease employment challenges such as cross-border payments, digital onboarding, legal compliance, and administration of statutory benefits.
  • Skuad’s platform enables organizations to pay employees quickly in their preferred currency and in a single invoice.
  • Skuad’s global HR platform ensures ironclad security of essential and sensitive employer and employee data.
  • The pricing for Skuad’s EOR platform is affordable starting at $19 per month for the Contractors’ Global payments and $199/month for full-time employees' global employments. With no hidden costs, no long-term commitments, and attractive features, there’s no need to guess why Skuad’s platform is trusted by 100s of companies across the world.

Papaya Global

  • It is one of the major EOR platforms active worldwide covering both contractors as well as management system services.
  • It allows companies to manage all the contract agreements from one dashboard.
  • Papaya Global provides various services of cross-border payments, tax filing, compliance checks and is known for providing advanced customized BI reports targeting any goal of payroll ledger, workforce planning, auditing, HR, and others.
  • This EOR platform starts providing services starting at $770/month, making it a suitable choice for many companies, keeping the gamut of services it provides in mind.


  • Available in more than 150 countries, Deel provides payment solutions through management software for remote teams having employees as contractors.
  • Deel aims to reach every corner with the help of legally compliant contracts to run seamless automated payroll.
  • It offers a built-in assistant to manage all the client’s invoices for seamless synchronization of invoices with any accounting software.


  • It is one of the fastest-growing platforms currently active in more than 150 countries to provide seamless onboarding, payroll, and benefits to the employees.
  • It is one EOR platform that ensures high-quality benefits at par with international standards.
  • The platform provides family leave, paid time off, remote work equipment, international share options scheme, pension, insurance, and other benefits to cater to various needs of the employees.
  • Another offering Omnipresent provides is real-time support to the clients by answering their diversified questions on international employment by a pool of legal, HR, and compliance experts.


Many companies face the challenge of keeping their payroll intact with high employee satisfaction and retention. An Employer of Record platform bridges the gap by simplifying these challenging employment requirements.

Moreover, when merged with the current pandemic, it has become tough for the companies to maintain their seamless international operations. In light of the same, partnering with an EOR (Employer of Record) is the best choice to ease out the stressed environment within the companies.



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