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Top Employer of Record partners in Greece

Famous for her vibrant tourism sector and an influx of tourists and visitors to the country, Greece is an attractive destination for global organizations’ expansion goals. With its fast-growing economy and high standard of living, confidence is stimulated in foreign investors.

However, expansion or hiring from Greece is not without challenges. The Greek employment laws and tax system are complex and usually difficult for foreign organizations to navigate.

By utilizing an Employer of Record in Greece, organizations can easily hire and build a team in Greece without setting up an entity or worrying about the difficulties in managing local legal compliance in the country.

This article outlines some of the top Employer of Record Greece platforms that streamline the employment needs of organizations expanding into or hiring from Greece.


Skuad is a global HR platform that enables organizations to hire contractors and full-time employees in Greece and over 160 countries across the world without setting up a subsidiary or an entity. Skuad’s global HR platform allows companies to onboard talent, manage payroll, and ensure full local legal compliance in Greece.

Core Offerings;

  • Skuad’s Global HR platform enables the hiring and onboarding of contractors and full-time employees in Greece and in 160+ countries globally.
  • Skuad’s payroll platform enables organizations to manage, pay, and automate payroll for employees quickly, accurately and in multiple currencies.
  • Skuad’s payroll platform allows organizations to track all payroll information (payslips and invoices) in just a few clicks.
  • Get access to exceptional talent across the globe and manage them remotely or hire local talent from Greece and supervise their work remotely via Skuad.
  • Skuad’s global HR platform streamlines business operations and ensures 100% compliance with Greece’s employment laws and tax regulations.
  • Manage employee benefits, taxation, payroll, etc., with an automated system.

Skuad’s Global HR platform handles the entire employment lifecycle of organizations so they can scale their business operations with no hassles and reduced costs.


Omnipresent has a presence in more than 150 countries. This PEO company in Greece offers seamless onboarding, payroll, and benefits provisioning. In addition to this, Omnipresent offers real-time support for all tasks and aspects related to expanding in Greece, with advice coming from the experts.

Core Offerings;

  • Create locally compliant contracts and benefits packages for your employees in Greece, along with creating onboarding systems according to the local laws.
  • Omnipresent offers an all-in-one technological platform to support and manage the entire team.
  • Access a simplified payroll system added with multi-pay-cycle management to handle multiple payrolls according to the local requirements.
  • Omnipresent gives you enough flexibility to manage operations from your home country while taking care of on-ground operations.

Omnipresent is one of the best Employer of Record Greece platforms, giving you access to an extended range of features and functionalities aimed at optimizing your expansion. With the industry and process experts working for your organization, you can work in peace, build your company, and get the best results.

Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services has its team of experts spread in over 135 countries, including Greece, helping businesses leverage their expansion potential. Working with Elements Global Services becomes even more critical when every country has its own set of laws dictating how companies should operate.

Core Offerings;

  • Access the services of a direct EOR solutions provider, making the most out of your expansion plans regarding team selection, contracts, and management.
  • Create employee-specific contracts inclusive of the benefits, bonuses, health benefits, and other requirements.
  • Use ApprovPay, a global EOR payroll platform, to pay your employees and contractors, while viewing their activity on a single dashboard.
  • Elements Global Services has on-ground experts available in every country, including Greece, to help you get accurate and authentic information.
  • Elements Global Services also has an ISO 9001 certified HR and tax regulatory compliance tool among its large assortment of services. This implies that while working with this PEO company in Greece, rest assured of the quality and authentic services pertaining to your expansion plans.

Mauve Group

The Mauve Group runs with an amazing tagline, “From Local to Global,” and this summarises their entire portfolio of services and functionalities built specifically for expansion-ready businesses. With its team working in more than 150 countries, The Mauve Group will streamline your employment and business operations processes.

Core Offerings;

  • Explore the world of opportunities by taking advantage of recommendations from one of the best EOR services in Greece.
  • Work on your core projects while the local team of Mauve Group will take care of the day-to-day HR functions and worker management.
  • Get the benefit of cost-savings processes beginning from entity set up to starting operations and managing them with complete control without any responsibility.
  • The team at Mauve Group leverages their experience and expertise to create bespoke solutions to the challenges you might face while working in Greece.

The cumulative outcome of all the aspects while working with the Mauve Group is that you will not fail to exploit every opportunity and simplify the establishment process. From understanding the local laws to following global best practices, they have it all and are ready to share and implement them for you.

New Horizons

New Horizons is yet another incredible PEO payroll company in Greece creating a better and customized way to expand that is relevant, effective, and perfect for your business and industry. This PEO Greece works to make your hiring, onboarding, and payments simple.

Core Offerings;

  • Begin working in Greece without setting up an entity with fully compliant systems and by following the local regulations and tax laws.
  • As they have a global PEO system, hiring employees in Greece from local talent pools or global resources is fast, effective, and authentic.
  • Create a single invoice, even for multi-country payments, while including the benefits of the required country and ensuring compliance.
  • Access employee data and operations from a cloud-based HR platform and generate custom reports for every aspect of the business.

Coupled with its global outreach, New Horizons creates a dedicated and bespoke expansion path for every type of business that aims to operate in Greece. Find the laws that apply to your business and create contracts that will help you manage the employees conveniently.


Utilizing an Employer of Record Greece platform is the best way to hire and build a global team in Greece. As a legal employer on behalf of organizations, an Employer of Record shoulders the legal responsibility of hiring and operating as a business entity in Greece. Thereby, ensuring organizations scale business operations with no hassles.



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