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Top Employer of Record platforms — Africa

Africa’s current digital revolution is paving the way for economic growth and driving innovation across all African countries. According to the Boston Consulting Group report on the expansion and maturation of African tech startups, Africa enjoys a fertile environment for tech entrepreneurs due to the continent’s young and growing population, viable internet penetration, and the use of tech products to improve solve basic needs.

While Africa is an attractive emerging market for organizations planning to expand, navigating the various employment laws in different countries is challenging for any organization. Also, Africa is one of the most culturally-diverse continents, with over 2000 languages spoken. However, any organization interested in having an easier expansion path in the continent is best-suited partnering with an Employer of Record Africa platform.

An Employer of Record Africa platform will enable organizations to hire, pay employees, and carry out business operations in full compliance with the employment laws in Africa.

The following are some of the top Employer of Record Africa platforms


Skuad is a global HR platform that helps organizations hire contractors and full-time employees in different countries in Africa and more than 160 countries. Skuad’s platform also enables organizations to onboard African top talent, pay and manage payroll for employees, and help organizations fully comply with the complex employment laws.

Key offerings

  • Skuad enables organizations to build and grow their global team from one unified platform.
  • Hire contractors and full-time employees via Skuad’s platform without setting up a subsidiary in Africa.
  • Manage payroll with a click of a button. You can accurately make multiple payments to your employees on time and in different currencies.
  • Put compliance on autopilot. Skuad enables compliance with the employment laws in different African countries.

Skuad’s Employer of Record Africa platform handles your entire employment lifecycle so you can scale business operations in Africa with no hassles.

Africa HR Solutions

Africa HR Solutions is an Employer of Record platform covering the entire HR outsourcing process for organizations expanding into Africa. They offer comprehensive services such as payroll outsourcing, solutions for independent contractors, cross-border payments, and immigration support.

Key offerings

  • Africa HR Solutions offers fully managed payroll outsourcing services enabling organizations to make payments easily.
  • Africa HR solutions help with ensuring compliance with the employment laws in Africa.
  • Management of temporary and permanent work permits and visas across Africa.
  • Africa HR solutions help with the provision of outstanding employee benefits.

CA Global HR

With 15 years of experience offering Employer of Record solutions in Africa, CA Global HR has created a track record of excellence and in-depth knowledge about managing global teams in Africa.

Key offerings

  • CA Global HR enables a fully outsourced recruitment function in Africa. The platform handles the management of your entire sourcing and recruitment process in Africa.
  • CA Global HR has a dedicated web recruitment team that broadens its footprints globally.
  • CA Global HR handles the process of onboarding talent in Africa on behalf of organizations.

The Polyglot Group

The Polyglot Group has a simple but powerful mission to help businesses grow sustainably in Africa and all over the world. They offer Employer of Record solutions in Africa by primarily becoming the legal employer to employ and process payroll on behalf of the organization.

Key offerings

  • The Polyglot Group handles the HR management on behalf of the organization in Africa.
  • Payroll management and tax filing for employees under their purview in Africa.
  • The Polyglot Group provides statutory protection and ensures compliance with the employment laws in Africa.
  • The Polyglot Group helps with immigration setup and work permit support.


Africa is diverse with multiple languages and different country-specific employment laws and regulations. Therefore, expanding or building a team in Africa or any African country without partnering with an Employer of Record Africa solution is a challenging and highly tedious task. Therefore, for quick and easy expansion into Africa, it is best practice to partner with an Employer of Record Africa platform like Skuad so you can carry out and scale business operations with less effort, reduced cost, and efficient HR administration.



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