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Top Employer of Record platforms — Europe

Europe is a vast constantly-growing continent and a fantastic place for organizations planning to expand or build a team globally. As one of the world’s largest and most established markets, Europe brings lots of opportunities for organizations looking to grow a global influence and plant their footprints in one of the most stable economies in the world.

The business-friendly environment, highly educated population and presence of highly skilled professionals are core reasons that make Europe an incredible destination for global organizations. But, expanding into Europe is not without drawbacks and challenges.

One of such challenges is navigating the legal landscape of the different European countries and how to commence business operations compliantly with no hassles efficiently. However, partnering with an Employer of Record Europe platform helps mitigate the complexities of expanding into Europe.

This article will look at some of the best Employer of Record platforms that facilitate seamless hiring and employment in Europe.


Skuad is a Global Employment and Payroll Platform that helps organizations hire contractors and full-time employees in Europe and over 160 countries without setting up an entity. Skuad also enables employers to onboard highly skilled talent, pay employees, manage payroll, and ensure organizations comply entirely with European employment laws and tax regulations.

Key offerings

  • Skuad enables organizations in Europe to hire contractors and full-time employees and 160 other countries without setting up an entity.
  • Firms in Europe can use Skuad’s global Employment and Payroll Platform to onboard talent, pay employees, and draft employment contracts.
  • Skuad makes sure their client companies remain compliant with Europe’s different employment laws.
  • Skuad’s global HR platform facilitates payroll management for full-time employees and contractors by filing employment taxes and managing legal compliances.

Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is an Employer of Record platform that helps organizations build global teams in Europe within hours without setting up branch offices. With Globalization Partners, organizations can hire team members in Europe with its AI-driven global employment platform.

Key offerings

  • Companies can hire and build teams in Europe without setting up any entity.
  • Globalization Partners enable firms in Europe to onboard talent and take full legal responsibility for the employees.
  • Globalization Partners facilitate payroll management, Benefits administration, and tax filing on behalf of employees in Europe.
  • Globalization Partners takes care of all legal risks and responsibilities by ensuring full compliance with European employment laws.

Bradford Jacobs

Bradford Jacobs’ Expansion platform helps companies build teams and expand into Europe and other countries using their global group of subsidiaries.

Key offerings

  • Bradford Jacobs facilitates the processes of global expansion. Organizations can quickly commence business operations in Europe by partnering with Bradford Jacobs.
  • Organizations can manage international projects with employees in Europe or any other country.
  • Bradford Jacobs helps organizations onboard talent in Europe in just a few days.

Express Global Employment

Express Global Employment is a global employment organization that simplifies the processes of international hiring for organizations. Organizations can build teams and hire employees in Europe without establishing a subsidiary or an entity.

Key offerings

  • Express Global Employment facilitates fast and compliant onboarding of employees within 72 hours.
  • Express Global Employment provides immigration support for expatriate employees and sponsors work permits in Europe.
  • You can hire and pay employees in Europe without setting up a subsidiary with Express Global Employment.


Europe is highly rated as a great region to expand businesses globally. Business expansion into Europe comes with many benefits and growth opportunities for organizations. However, expanding into or building a team in Europe is not without challenges. For this reason, partnering with an Employer of Record Europe platform like Skuad is the best solution. With global employment and payroll platforms like Skuad, organizations can hire, onboard, pay, and manage compliance with European employment laws without hassles.

To know more about Skuad, book a demo today.



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