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Top HR Platforms for Global Hiring

The use of technology in managing human resources (HR) has undergone drastic changes in the past few years due to new technological advancements in big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT). This tech advancement has positively impacted HR Tech services and Global HR Platforms, enabling startups to modulate the international HR market.

As per the PwC’s (2020) survey, the global market for HR cloud solutions is valued at $148 billion, which was seen as a slow-moving technology space a few years ago. This report also found 74% of the global companies spent $310 per employee on HR tech to hire the best talent.

Finding the right global HR tech solutions

HR tech companies in 2022 will strive for remote and virtual cloud-based hiring to increase their output at affordable pricing. At this point, the Global HR Platform comes into the picture as it provides global HR tech services to the companies who plan to expand internationally on a budget.

PwC’s (2020) survey

The above image highlights the benefits of core HR in the cloud. It is the result of PwC’s HR technology (2020) survey favoring cloud-based solutions.

These percentages also provide us with clarity on the reasons behind Upwork, Airtel, Zenius Education, Metric Digital, Nexamp, XL Axiata, and other companies opting for affordable global HR platform services.

Primarily, with no local presence, they could only flourish their business with no unseen trickery by keeping payroll, employee lifecycle, and benefits aligned with the regional legalities and taxes.

Most reliable Global HR Platforms


Skuad is a Global HR Platform that enables companies to hire contractors and full-time employees in over 160 countries. Skuad also helps organizations manage payroll, onboard talent, and ensure compliance with employment laws and tax regulations in the country of employment.

By streamlining onboarding, cross-border payroll, statutory benefits, and local legal compliance, organizations can build remote teams in the country of their choice without having to set up a subsidiary or a local entity.

A feature of Skuad’s global HR platform is the Skuad Guides, which offers information on different countries’ local taxation, legal compliance, and expansion strategies.

Skuad’s Global HR Platform handles the entire employment lifecycle to efficiently build and manage their global team and scale their business operations with as much flexibility, less effort, and a top-notch HR administration.

Elements Global

It is one of the leading EOR platforms with a vast pool of expertise and resources to make employee onboarding and lifecycle as seamless and compliant as possible. Elements Global will be a suitable choice if you are looking for payroll support, legal compliance support, or mere human resource guidance.

One offering by this platform is Expandopedia, through which you can easily search for information on local taxation and legalities, opt for consultation services, maintain compliance using various legal templates and develop your expansion strategy.

Another offering is ApprovPay, which automates your payments and payroll by reporting monthly expenses.

Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is the only global EOR that is Privacy Shield certified for HR Data. Founded in 2012, it has become one of the leading Global HR Platforms that enable organizations to hire in more than 187 countries within days. As an EOR, Globalization Partners puts the talent identified by their client organization on a fully compliant payroll. This act removes the burden of global corporate tax, and legal compliance from its duties and is being handled most efficiently by Globalization Partners.

The pandemic was a strenuous period for global organizations. However, organizations managed the challenging period by utilizing HR tech solutions and Global HR Platforms, enabling gig workers, unemployed, and migrant professionals to work with suitable international businesses.

The onus is on organizations to choose a suitable Global HR Platform for their business activities. As expansion into global markets remains an essential metric for growth, utilizing a Global HR Platform for building remote teams and expanding into new territories is the way forward.



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