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What does a global PEO do?

Expanding into one or two countries is achievable by most organizations. But expanding into different countries at the same time is complex and challenging. Your organization is expected to juggle multiple country-specific employment laws while avoiding misclassifying your workers and managing the complexities of international payroll.

Due to the challenging global expansion processes, many organizations lose valuable time and resources. Therefore, the best solution is to outsource some of these functions, where a global PEO (professional employer organization) comes in.

A global PEO is an entity that organizations hire or partner with to enable international hiring. The global PEO performs similar functions as an Employer of Record by enabling these organizations to hire and onboard contractors and employees, manage payroll, and ensure compliance with the different country-specific employment laws and tax regulations. When your organization partners with a global PEO, they act as the legal employer of your workers, thereby taking all legal risks and requirements.

So, what does a global PEO do for global organizations? Here are eight functions of a global PEO to help you make informed decisions when choosing a global PEO partner

Global employment

One of the key functions of a global PEO is simplifying global employment. Where organizations find it challenging to hire talent from different parts of the world, a global PEO with its network reach makes it possible to hire top talent from anywhere in the world without hassles.

Global payroll

International payroll is complex. Processing and distributing payroll across different countries and continents is an arduous task. However, with a global PEO, you can accurately pay your distributed team on time, effortlessly.

Employee benefits

A global PEO allows you to provide your employees with competitive benefits packages, regardless of location.

Statutory compliance

One of the significant challenges global organizations face when expanding into new markets is managing compliance with the country’s employment laws and regulations. However, a global PEO ensures your organization carries out business operations in any country with full compliance with its employment laws and tax regulations.

HR management

HR management for a global organization is challenging. With a global PEO, you can automate menial HR tasks and activities to stay afloat in a top-notch HR administration.

Employee onboarding

A proper onboarding process is crucial for employees’ adaptation to the company’s culture, thereby boosting productivity. A global PEO provides an excellent onboarding experience by providing the employees with all they will require for their role in the organization.

Tax filing

A global PEO ensures the organization files tax as at when due and accurately. It also ensures that taxes and other statutory contributions comply with country-specific employment laws and tax regulations.

Employee data protection

Data protection is essential to every organization. A global PEO ensures that sensitive information is protected with state-of-the-art security measures that comply with international standards and requirements.

Skuad — a global employment and payroll platform

Skuad is a global payroll platform that enables you to make accurate and fast payments for your employees. Skuad’s global payroll platform allows you to carry out cross-border payroll processes without worrying about data errors or complications that affect your employees’ payroll. Also, you can pay your employees in multiple currencies while ensuring full compliance with the countries’ payroll and employment laws.

Skuad handles the entire employment lifecycle so you can scale business operations with reduced effort, lower costs, and an efficient HR administration



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