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Why your remote team must have employees of all ages

Why your remote team must have employees of all ages

As more companies hire foreign employees in a bid to adapt to remote work models in this seismic age, there has been an increase in diversity and inclusion in workplaces across industries. These transformations are essential for companies as they create a space for enhanced creativity, innovation, and productivity, among other benefits of diversity within a remote team.

Diversity in workplaces can be achieved on a broad spectrum, although more focus is on gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. As employers shift to recruiting global teams, they need to realize and explore the benefits of generational diversity and multigenerational remote employees.

While generational diversity has its strengths — from baby boomers to generation X, Y, and Z — most companies and employers prefer the younger generation. One of the reasons might be avoiding multigenerational conflict in the workplace, which can happen when a team comprises employees of different ages.

This article is going to explore the benefits of having a remote workforce wherein members belong to different age groups:

Learning opportunities

Employees learn from each other the effective ways of approaching situations and solving problems.

This act becomes more effective with employees across different ages as everyone focuses on various aspects of fulfilling business needs.

Multigenerational remote teams present learning opportunities for everyone rather than just the younger generations being mentored. For instance, the baby boomers could learn technological and technical aspects of automating some tasks from younger generations while, on the other hand, the younger generation could discover the best approaches to solving business-related challenges from baby boomers who have more experience and knowledge in the field.

Faster and reliable problem-solving

Every generation has its own set of skills and experiences that they contribute while pursuing innovation for the company. Combining different approaches and philosophies in the workplace promotes collaboration which is imperative to a winning solution.

A multigenerational workforce presents the company with a team that can solve challenges and problems faster, given the diversity in experiences, exposure, and knowledge.

Each age group can present its best hacks of addressing the problem while listing potential solutions. The company can evaluate, eliminate, and execute the best solutions from the multiple solutions proposed.

Mentorship and coaching

Mentorship is a formal or informal relationship created to enhance personal development by having a more experienced person guide the less knowledgeable person in a particular field or department.

The mentor can be older or younger provided that they are experienced and have desirable expertise.

A multigenerational team gives employees the chance and platform to be coached and mentored in their desired field. This approach helps employees gain new information and skills that can be used to improve the company culture, thereby increasing productivity.

Ability to understand different audiences

As an enterprise and employer, you should know that positive ROI is only possible when you understand the target market’s needs and effective strategy.

Companies and organizations that target audiences from different age groups can better understand their audiences when they incorporate age diversity in their remote teams. This presents the company with enough data to customize and strategize their brand and make it desirable for their diverse target audiences. Furthermore, your employees could give you valuable and personal insights that could help you create strategies for a specific age group.

Encourages innovation

Having a team of remote seasoned employees who rely on calculated ways of doing things and solving challenges creates stability and hinders reinvention. On the other hand, a remote team that comprises employees of all ages makes a team that is open to taking calculated risks from both early stages of professional and emerging trends of the industry. This presents the company with new and diverse ways of looking at processes and situations that create the brand and improve it.


As an enterprise expands, it is essential to borrow the work world of the baby boomer generation while being open to the new talents of the new generation. The tech-savvy younger generation brings fresh energy to the team, while older generations bring rich experiences and perspectives that can be used to enhance vision and wisdom.

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