Rowling is Not Dead

& I’m Tired of Writing About Her

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#RIPRowling is trending because J.K. Rowling has lobbed yet another attack on my beautiful and vulnerable community in her latest book. Attack after attack, I am tired of seeing her name pop up in the news each time the world has dared to stop talking about her, all while during BLM protests and COVID. Rowling is apparently incapable of not being in the news these days, and…




Highlighting the experience of women of trans experience. Transition, Womanhood, Feminism, Intersectionality, Transphobia, Marginalization and Assimilation, and more.

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Rori Porter

Rori Porter

Autistic Queer Transfemme writer & designer based out of Los Angeles. She/Her/They/Their. Editor of Anthology.

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