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Qualities of a great hiring process

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#1. There’s a plan.

Have you heard of a start-up interviewing for a very well compensated leadership position where the interviewer said “I don’t really know what to ask in these things”? I’m sad to say that I have. I’m not here to shame anyone; the start-up in question was hiring for a position that would have undoubtedly helped to improve their hiring process. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the best indicator of an organized, well-managed company. Please dedicate some time to making sure you’re never in this position.

#2. The whole team is involved.

With the best of intentions, sometimes founders or team leaders will try to run the entire hiring process on their own to help protect others’ time and focus. While the thoughtfulness here is appreciated, there are a billion reasons to not do this.

#3. Company values are on display.

I found myself in a tricky situation once. I was working with a company that claimed diversity was one of their values, but none of their incoming team members were from under-represented groups in tech.

#4. Assignments are paid.

This one is pretty straightforward, so I’ll keep it short. If you’re asking candidates to complete hours and hours of work, please pay them.

#5. Communication is flowing.

Ghosting during the interview process has become a more prominent topic lately. This is obviously a red flag for candidates, and — for me as an Ops leader — an indication of some seriously broken processes and overworked team members in your organization.

#6. Feedback is welcome.

Remember that company I referenced in the first point — the one with the disorganized, directionless interview process? Every stage of that company’s interview process was rough. So rough that, for better or for worse, I felt compelled to give their CEO some constructive, honest, and kind feedback.

#7. People aren’t overburdened.

This goes for both your existing team members and the candidates you’re interviewing.

#8. It’s a fun, exciting time!

Saving the best for last. Bringing in new team members should (in most circumstances) be an exciting time for all involved parties. Your company is growing. You’re expanding your area of impact as an organization. This is a good thing.



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