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Oct 2 · 3 min read

We are very excited to announce the opening of the first Empower plastic waste pilot collection point in India together with NGO Indias Barn — A big milestone to increase collection and show what can be achieved in collaboration with organisations with more impact!

The proud moment of local manager Anisha Anil Chavan and CFI director Dr. Kishor Deshmukh opens the first Empower collection point with Indias Barn and CFI in Hamarapur, India!

Indias Barn work to improve the social conditions with a focus on education in 156 villages in India. Increasingly the plastic waste problem is a huge challenge, with lack of sufficient waste management and recycling.

Image top/left: From the opening event - Local chief, representatives and villagers attend to learn about the plastic waste challenge and collection point. Dr. Kishor Deshmukh in green shirt informs about the project. Right: Local store manager Anisha Anil Chavan in front of the over 60 KGs soft plastics collected the first day!

In the first pilot phase, the collection point will focus both on rewarding collection of more plastic waste — and importantly; to educate and ensure more of the plastic waste to be cleaner and handled better to increase recycling.

During the first period the project focus on a smaller number of plastic waste types to optimize handling, logistics and collect further data to improve both recycling and involve more partners and buyers of plastic waste.

At the opening day, a common cleanup were arranged for all to attend increasing awareness on the plastic waste problem.

We are excited to learn how increased plastic waste collection can improve environmental conditions locally, and also the local impact of additional incomes for all delivering plastic waste. It’s also a pleasure to see how local manager Anisha Anil Chavan will operate and manage the collection point and through this engagement from Indias Barn be a great example of new jobs created by the circular economy.

Local CFI representative Ashwini Mhatre and Collection Point Manager Anisha Anil Chavan in front of Hamarapur Collection point.

We are excited to bring the Empower solution to Hamarapur with Indias Barn, showing how contributions to incentivize cleanup have direct impact and how much more we can achieve in the time ahead. Thank you to all sponsors and partners so far! Read more on how you can support more cleanup of plastic waste at

Thank you to all Hamarapur villagers and participants on the opening day of the collection point!


Empower is creating a global solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value.

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Empower is creating a global solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value.

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