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South American recycling goes blockchain!

iWrc and Empower form partnership to enhance recycling traceability in Brazil

The Circular Economy platform provider Empower, which is creating a global digital infrastructure for recyclables powered by their blockchain network, announces a partnership with iWrc, the online marketplace for Social Fingerprinted® recycled materials.

The parties join forces on several projects in South America, kicking off with its first project in Brazil.

The collaboration will combine capacity building, traceability and social responsibility, ensuring that e-waste and plastic materials are responsibly collected and segregated at source, tracked through recycling and into new sustainable products again.

Empower’s digital tracking solution and iWrc platform turning waste into socially recovered resources will guarantee a people-first circular economy, connecting brands in need of recycled materials with socially responsible waste-picking cooperatives, and improving health, safety, and financial well-being of waste pickers in the process.

This technology partnership will bring new possibilities to businesses and organizations looking for easy, reliable, transparent, and socially responsible recycled materials with a proven impact and the end producers will be able to issue full transparency on the origin and journey of the materials used, including issuing immutable product passports.

“Our vision is to connect the world to the informal sector with assurance” says Michael Maggio, President of iWrc, “We cannot achieve this vision alone. Partnering with Empower and their blockchain platform is an amazing opportunity to provide our partners with real-time traceability in the most vulnerable part of the supply chain.”

“A circular economy required partnerships and cooperation all along the value chains” states Wilhelm Myrer, Founder of Empower “To be working with an established and fully integrated partner like iWrc is a great opportunity to also bring the Empower platform to South America and keep developing an inclusive and transparent collection and recycling system”.

About Empower

EMPOWER is a Norwegian technology company that uses blockchain technology to incentivise waste collection, create transparency and traceability in recycling value chains and thereby mapping material flows, ensuring that waste ends up where it has the highest value and the lowest cost to society. Empower’s mission is to build the digital infrastructure for a circular economy and to create a world without waste. Empower.eco.

About iWrc

Brazilian iWrc stands for “Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium.” Leader in fair labor practices, seeking to advance the health and financial status of waste pickers providing safe conditions and responsible operations, iWrc has been establishing the best practices on their waste recycling cooperatives. iWrc platform allows global brands to purchase recycled materials connecting cooperatives to brands by providing an online marketplace where sorted bulk material is sold enabling the recycled waste to return to the supply chain.The iWrc Seal represents fair labor practices, people are priority. https://iwrc.world

Media Contacts

Empower: Wilhelm Myrer, wilhelm@empower.eco, media@empower.eco, +47 98666491

iWrc: Michael Maggio, mm@iwrc.world, +019084990250



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Empower Team

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