Blam! — Living while wanted Dead or Alive.

Trigger warning: I’ll be writing horrors today.

Dead-Alive-Hand-Cursor — Ramdlon @ Pixabay


With all caution thrown to abandon; belief is supposed to support us as we together trust each other into the utopian promised land of Donald Trump wasn’t our fault. How lovely the dream. Are you looking around seeing the heaps of investments made and left as legacy by your compatriots to society? Should you look a little harder? Does this all sound just that much too familiar? Sometimes life would lead you to believe that a sound standing snarking will be your only contribution to your own human condition; but isn’t the truth that you have most of your time being spent for you and you never did put that extra bit of time in that you were compelled to believe you were inspired to do?

Belief — it’s the anti diary.

All the stringent measures in the world haven’t spared us the pains of living openly so the bandits have a better time at the party; and instead we stand and deliver because we don’t do much to change our own existence. Am I missing the footpath here or is this not going to be a source of late age angst in my generation’s elderly? Do you see the hand coming for you?

I’ve come to be a believer in that horrors are made when those things that should be working for us just fine upend us in the cruel and completely imaginable ways that they often do; and these experience we’re having in life: these are the betrayals that action movies are written about. I’m left asking the question of what’s stopping you from walking out on your understanding and passively letting the bridge come tumbling down around the world. Is there anything wrong with welcoming the world to burn when you didn’t tell them to do it? I’d like to explore this thought a bit, if you’ll indulge me.

Oh Dear God; He said it!

It was when my heart finally turned cold that I realized I hated women.

Life is hard being a schizo; and its even harder when there’s a sisterhood of slam scumming it up in a workplace near you. I actually get discrimination out here. Being comatose prone is the big suck and I certainly got fat. However I’m the same schizo as so many that are treated so much like I am; and I just won’t leave these perceptions alone. I can’t leave to entropy that I’m already prone to saying ‘its toxic and fuck you,’ and finding some measure of absolution in the saying so. I need, desperately, to invest in myself to invest in the life I want to be living. I want to be a good person.

Do you know who I hate?

I’m calling her Pawner Penguin. The penguin of the pawnshop that would never survive a polar bear; but who has dominion enough to insist that we all pawn off our goods and valuables and join the race for the Darwin Awards. The person I describe operates by insisting that one ‘Stand and Deliver.’ Yes buddy, I justify a claim that this persons a bandit! This womans a highwayman. This woman takes a ‘keep poverty out of my pussy’ approach to impoverishing the landscape because she can gorge on the winnings and worry about the future never. Yeppers; I didn’t lie when I say I hate this …Pawner Penguin.

If you would be helped by being rebased in what I think I’m saying: We need a Pawner Penguin to stand in when the insult for sexworkers is used. Someone who pawns their utilities off at the pawnshop for irresponsible income. There’s no reason to think this of sex workers anymore; and maybe we should reconsider how we feel about sexworkers to the quiverful Christian pushing the overpopulation; but as for the highwaymen; those hoes can go.

I’ll also take a moment to help you out if you are feeling based and ashamed of it. Indulge. I welcome you.

The sisterhood of women is a political party; taking a strong stance in a world of civil war obsessed bandits. I applaud this; but here’s my [b***hing]. Her position of ‘One shouldn’t be necessitated into a life impoverished of being a taste maker and nation builder because one has baby making oven facilities’ is more than reasonable; but when no, don’t and stop comprise the strongest part of your skill-base, one should not engage in nation-building how those who are weaker than you might have need to innovate a terrorism against you. Knocking me around doesn’t come so difficultly today. All you have to tell me is you love me and the rest of civilization find itself comforted with the cruelties that I endure. Would it not behoove me to give it an Ann Radcliff and do what ought be done to excite the faculties?

You might clap and shout ‘Golden Standard’ if you can put yourself in my position. I bet you don’t need to do any extra work to do it.

Didn’t I already say I just won’t leave ‘easy sleazy wonderful covered klansman’ alone when I could be adorable? Yes, every woman could be doing this thing; if it couldn’t be so, every Nazi would have been in need of a planation keeper at home reminding them of the good and truth of the genocide central economy. I must say, dear reader, life is composed of bounty hunts paying in dead or alive. Life or death; that’s the failure the lie of our comforts are born in.

So what are we supposed to say if 50% of humanity is compelled to become stormtroopers in a one party insurrection-in-motion already in progress because they have a babymaker oven on board? We’re supposed to say this life or death [s**t] is a poverty in motion itself; and then topple the system with fire and hammers.

Ain’t I just adorable?

That took a turn for the worse.

Can I really take you for a walk in this tragedy in motion?

I mean, I borrowed the no, don’t and stop joke from somebody else. All that no, don’t and stop has been impactful in the amount of imagination I don’t have and the amount of world-building I’m going to have to do to take this walk with you.

Come with me?

Imagine having a babymaker oven yourself. To borrow another joke: I just fixed your water pipes and do ya’ want some [sexxy times]?! Everyone who can’t feed their biological urges, or anyone who can, prizes you as a catch that does something entirely outside of what you are yourself motivated to do.

Can you imagine it? I’m a feminist who hates women! This make the frailty of the condition of being a humanist I suppose.

Now imagine if you will a world where those persons who have all the ideas install their tunnel vision into your hopes in dreams all willy-nilly and the like. I think its fair to say that once civilizations stagnate, those who are so impoverished that they cannot look away are the only ones having ideas. All while we suffer the condition of our human frailty: we’re also (for our own good) banding together in societies of mutual profit, with our very survival being bolstered by the competency and ethics of those contributions of others. These tunnel vision societies are [f**king] up the bread and butter! Its no wonder we can’t get a living wage. (I endorse 10% gross income across the staff as well as a promised concrete wage set at a $15 minimum wage. Maybe its populist. I do adore being adorable!)

Now imagine if you will that all these tunnel visions have you out working — without wages — without any appreciation of your upliftment as a person or for the value of your time. Politically you give 115% because that extra little bit of denial sickens the rest of us; but you give anyway. Imagine that you have been failing to make any plausible strides toward a world that isn’t always obsessed with harming you somehow. Imagine having a fear that if you did, you would only establish a world that forgot what these feelings were like.

Congratulations: You’re an Occupier. Your labor matters. We are the 99%. Feeling like a woman yet?

This mail was entirely superfluous.

Have you seen me once yet tell these women to not ‘protect ya neck?

What is this world coming to? We actually have people pissed off about vigilante nation-building! I think we need a little more vigilante nation-building going on. Artful murders also aren’t outside of the frame of my imagination and we’re going -we’re going -we’re moving on! I’ve been told on one occasion that I recall vividly enough that it may have been more than once that it should be left in the hands of professionals that there are not professionals in existence to create. Its not insurrection to create the Specter to investigate the FBI, is it? I’d like to believe that great ideas that hypocritically do good why hypocritically caring for the well-being of those who do it inspires me no matter how it got done. I’d even have taken something by Donald Trump if he hadn’t been a lame duck.

I swear that dudes gonna be my comic material for life. I even learned to button my lip like him!

Frankly, we need something for our vigilantes to do, and I need you to believe in one premise; when we’re dealing with the crookish and coquettish, ya gotta fuck ’em up and clean ’em up.

Undesirable people should be expected to be born out of that the physical nature of the life we live creates pockets of isolation — and that should be fine. Diversity matters and it makes a nice smorgasbord as long as nobody serves the scat. Inevitably however, someone will comprehend (for better or for worse) that it profits them today to serve the poop; and once they have, it will likely be impossible to convince them otherwise. This is a [s**tty] [s**tty] circumstance and should not be tolerated.


However the bounty of dead or alive only haves behind a vacuum to be filled by the next horror story to come up with the ‘next great idea.’

If you don’t break their bone, or rip out their muscle, or pock their nerves into sponge, and invade their and reprogram maintenance cells: you couldn’t get an obelisk from it. I’d like to point out that I keep referring to a person perceiving profits in what they do next. I did my game design thing. I’ve theorized that it is a sense for the profits and the ease of living they create that makes a player a learner in any tutorial or introduction. I still miss Aerith and she ain’t even dead again yet. If you didn’t leave anyone behind to talk about, the profits of what is good to do and what is bad referenced as phobia gets lost in the inability to perceive that those people are the bane of their people pockets. Like the scientists are saying: God abhors a vacuum.

This is all very grim talk and I’d like to emphasize the horror: They may be sitting next to you now! Wooooooooooh!

So with that grim business behind us, we also need something engage in for those people who perceive the profits in being wholesome but wouldn’t know what to do about it quickly enough to pivot around and do something about the ‘git gud.’ As a civilization, we Americans presently have the audacity to to believe that a less competent person is better than the more passionate because they are more capable. These things are fairly deeply drilled into the feelings now, so it’ll take some scrubbing handle. This means several things are needed.

  1. We need to rebuild the club structure into internship and headhunting societies for services to employers. This may be somewhat ridged in definition.
  2. We need to pay our philosophers! Our spending should be discretionary but that really doesn’t mean our discretion of today is bringing to us our own profits.
  3. We need to stop freely giving our friendships away to people simply because we share society with them. Do you know what a racist is? A racist is someone you eventually look to and ask if they’re going to get off your couch. That’s how we get racists.
  4. We need to praise people who act with complexity, diversity, purpose, and the ability to know the difference between filler and trash. I’m a big fan of a better plan.
  5. We need to start diary writing on challenge topics. I’m writing for others right now. It feels nothing like the challenges I put myself through to get here.
  6. We need to be in the habit of keeping a firearm and reading Miyamoto Musashi. Holster your monster and practice making if fly. Trying to be the pervert is leading to people involuntarily being mastered by becoming the monster.
  7. We need to start paying me more. Honestly; I just ran out of list today. Maybe I’d realize more tomorrow.

SIMP’n ain’t easy.

So I just took a gender topic on a taboo walk. Feeling like a punk yet? I don’t recommend volunteering for the SIMP services; but I had to re-acronym the word. SITMAP… don’t do it. Minor Attracted Predators are out there; and will continue to be so if you continue to be Satisfied Indulging the Mediocre and Paltry.

I’ve wanted to say that for more than a month now.

Since I opened on gender, I should probably close on it.

The person who created the adopted retrofitting of the term ‘Womyn’ was an [arse]hat.

Those expectations are [f**ked] up and manipulative. Especially when read in runic.

Wothutam is clearly superior. …and I think fairly pretty as well.

You Punky-booster you. ;p




The Empyrean Club Comedy Publication is dedicated to creating a good influence humor pillar for civilization, even if ‘for the whole family’ need be sacrificed.

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