This Will Only Take a Minute: 3 Short Poems for People with Kids

Katie McKelvie
Emrys Journal Online
1 min readFeb 6, 2020


Image Credit: Markus Spiske


Is there a German word

For how soothing it is

To see other kids


I close my eyes and

Instead of a beach

Envision meltdowns over

Elevator buttons.


At the post office

They squirmed and whined and

She laughed and said,

This too shall pass.

But did she mean

Choo choo trains

And tiny toes

Or hurricanes

And kidney stones?


Everyone here

In line

Bobbing back and forth

(And seated,

Headphones in)

In this sky

And on that distant dotted land

Was begat of a womb

Tiny wiggling things us all

And yet

No changing table

For miles