How the Murders at Hotel Beau Rivage changed Oxley Games Fenton

A moment captured by Jason (an AI entity) and written into time.

Artificial Intelligence + Tiny Science Fiction

Author’s Introduction:

This article is generated completely with Artificial intelligence. To try out the AI tool that we use for many of our AI-generated articles in this publication, please use the following link:



To show how advances in the AI field will challenge our current conceptions of authorship and usher in a new wave of critical thinkers we made this site. Articles could be generated by AI, by authors that used AI-Augmentation for their publications, or they could be real people.

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Graham Waters

Graham Waters

I’m a Data-Driven Dreamer, a scientific art lover, a story-teller, and the proud owner of a Teacup Yorkie. Follow me on Substack for even more content!