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eMusic is ready to to shake up the music industry

An exciting future for eMusic

May 22 · 2 min read

eMusic launched in 1998 as the first legal, digital music store. During our long tenure, we’ve seen a LOT of change and faced a lot of challenges, but our core mission has been consistent: we aim to provide music fans with access to the best independent music at the best prices AND support the artists who create it.

eMusic — a fair-pay platform — is increasingly an outlier. Advancements in digital and streaming technology may have helped rescue the music industry but the corresponding commoditization of music by a few centralized players is a point of major concern.

Why is it that we can stream hours and hours of music, but in doing so we are hurting the musicians we love because they’re getting paid pennies on the dollar for each stream? Or that profit-driven algorithms deliver playlists and recommendations full of great music, but it only comes from a handful of labels?

So many of our great members tell us how they find eMusic to be as close an experience as going to a brick-and-mortar record store as you can find online. Flicking through crates for potential bargains or hidden gems… we want to preserve this cherished experience. Not, however if it means perpetuating industry-wide problems of compensation and choice. As music companies jockey to protect profits and limit competition, the resulting turf war is unnecessarily punishing. Both to artists and fans.

The industry is flawed and it’s time for a change.

eMusic has a unique opportunity to turn the tide. We are going to show by example: a healthy music industry MUST ensure mutual success for creators, consumers and providers.


The First Major Music Service to Embrace Blockchain…

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