2 de noviembre del 2011. 19:30 hrs. Dentro del mixup de plaza Universidad.

-Hey Mike!

-What’s up dude?

-Do you remember that blonde girl I told you about?

-Of course I do, you’ve been talking about her the whole fucking week, what about her?

-Well, I’ll see her again, tonight.

-Dude, you fall in love every 2 months with a new girl.

-She’s awesome Mike, we’ve been sending each other killer spotify playlists, and the way she smiles makes me wanna grab her and kiss her so bad.

-You said the same about that girl with braces… Hey what’s the cd we’re looking for?

-Tom Waits, Bad as Me. You’re not listening Mike, It’s like we already know what the other one is thinking, she even give me that Doves cd I told you about, the one with Kingdom of Rust.

-I don’t know, everything it’s about music with you dude. I can’t find the cd.

-Let me see… It’s here Bad as me, your dad will love it.

-Hope so, and why will you see her in here?

-Yeah, we’re hitting the road for the weekend and we need to make a mix cd.

-Well hopefully you don’t comeback crying and crawling on your knees dude.

-Fuck off Mike! I’ll see you tomorrow.

-See you.

Pinche Mike, me caga que el pendejo lleve 8 meses aquí y no hable ni una puta palabra en español.

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