Saent’s mission and Lifeline’s UX overhaul — What do you think?

Saent is slowly coming back to life after several years of wandering in the wilderness.

We completed a focus challenge with over 60 participants a few weeks back and have launched a community platform where people conduct amazing productivity experiments (like this one).

Most importantly, our macOS app Lifeline passed the 300 Weekly Active Users (WAU) mark, despite its raw user experience and not much marketing to date.

Our next project is overhauling the user experience (UX) of Lifeline. To do so, we had to ask tough questions about what Saent wants to achieve and for whom. You’ll find my thoughts in the post below on the Saent blog:


💬 I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments or jump on a call with me here to share your thoughts. You can also comment on specific sections in this Google Doc version.




Saent is for people who want to live fulfilling, rich lives. For those crazy people who want to make a difference, and who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to do so. Who believe in inspiring themselves and others, and take joy and pride in improvement and achievement.

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Tim Metz (孟田)

Tim Metz (孟田)

Content Marketing Manager at @animalzco. Cofounder at @getsaent.

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