What is Enable Startup doing UI/UX design?

Tuan Nguyen
Jul 11, 2019 · 6 min read

UI/UX design is one of the important steps in a technical product created by many startup companies. People say that if your website/app doesn’t have a good UI/UX design, it can make you lose an amount of customers. Luckily, Enable Startup Technology - with the passion for technology and startups, also has this services! We join hands to run our own products about UI/UX design so that we deeply know and understand what it takes to convert a simple problem to a commercialized product of millions of users

Therefore, Do you feel curious about how we are doing UI/UX design here? Let’s follow this article and the answers are below!

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Our rockstars in the company

What is the UI/UX design?

UI stands for User Interface which includes everything the user can see such as: layout, web colors, layout, typeface, images, etc… The UI designers acts as programmers or builders so anyone can understand and use their products.

UX stands for User Experience which is the user rating when using the product. This definition will answer the questions such as: Is your website or App easy to use; Arranging layout is possible? Does the product meet its purpose?

UI and UX design focus on the users’ satisfaction and pleasure because of their convenient. Although UI and UX designers have their different way to do, both of them have users research before doing their job, especially with the new customers.

So, to understand more about this service at Enable Startup, we have an interview with the design team here. Let’s see how they answer about doing UI/UX design at Enable Startup!

Finding out more about Enable Startup’s UI/UX design

There are currently two UI-UX designer at Enable Startup: Ana Marija and Thao Mai Phuong.

Where two “UI-UX designers” work

Knowing that after completing UX design, the UI designer will start their job , so we have an interview with Ana Marija — an UX designer. Ana have had experience as a freelancer about UX design for about 1 years before joining Enable Startup

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Ana Marija — UX designer at Enable Startup

“Our Talks

  • What is the criteria of UX design at Enable Startup?

At Enable Startup we are aware of the importance of UX design for achieving satisfaction of final users which is ultimately essential for everyone trying to accomplish their business goals. We strive to make the user interaction with our products simple, intuitive and pleasant, making them highly efficient and usable. Because it’s an ever-changing field, we never stop learning and improving ourselves.

  • What is UX design process at Enable Startup?

The first step is always to understand the requirements which also means understanding the final users and the product. We do this by creating user personas and defining user goals.

The next step is to do research of the product to get an idea what is already on the market and to see how others approached the problems we are solving. From the gathered and created data we build the information architecture, which is in most cases a sitemap or a set of user flows.

Finally, comes the sketching of wireframes. First we brainstorm our ideas on a whiteboard or paper. After we proceed to the mid and high fidelity wireframes. At every stage the design team communicates with developers and clients to get as much feedback as possible. Ideally we also do user testing. Based on the feedback we improve the design until we reach final high fidelity screens. Iterations are the path to a great result. When the UX part of design process is finished, it’s our UI designer’s turn to apply the visual elements to the product.

  • How long does it takes for you to finish your first sketch (before customer feedback)? so Why?

The first sketches can be done in a couple of minutes or it can take hours for more complex projects. We shouldn’t forget all the work that goes into understanding the requirements, the users and the product before we actually come to a point where we can sketch low fidelity Wireframes.

  • How long does it take to finish all?

That really depends on the project. It is very different for creating a landing page or building a mobile application with 50 screens. Ideally, we have time to go through all the steps of the UX process, but sometimes the deadlines are just too tight for us to fit everything into the given time box. In those cases we simplify and speed up our design process.

  • How does organizational environment help you with UX design?

I can say with content that at Enable Startup we have a great working environment. I believe that relationships between coworkers are very important and the vibe in the office is very positive.There is good communication and mutual understanding between the design and developer team. We don’t have an established hierarchy which makes us more easy-going and motivated to work. Because of this we are all eager to help one another and work together as a team.

The UI designer who we have an interview with is Ms. Phuong. She have worked as a UI designer for a long time at Enable Startup, about 2 years.

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— Thao Mai Phuong — Graphic Designer — UI/UX at Enable Startup
  • What is the criteria of UI design at Enable Startup?

The criterion I would to tell here is useful on prioriy. Making the product that not only be beautiful but also be useful for all audients. I always try my best to cultivate the necessary skills, update the latest design trends, and understand what customers need and want. After that, I can create the best products easier.

  • What is UI design process at Enable Startup?

After receiving a specific brief about what to do, I will start researching the project. At that time, I will learn, analyze specific projects, and exchange with customers if there are some irrational points. After reuniting the content, I will make some designs based on the brief criteria, and the wishes of the clients.

Based on the experience and the understanding of the latest graphic trends, I will return to customers some options that suit their desires with the most modern style, then get back the feedback, revise and send it back to the clients.

  • How long does it take for you to finish your first sketch (before customer feedback)? Then Why?

The working time depends on briefs from customers: The more clear and detailed briefs, the more specific and easier for me to grasp the design. It usually takes about 3 days for me to finish.

  • How long does it take to finish all?

After receiving customers’ feedback, I need to see what the changes are. It is related to the original brief or a completely different content. If not, I will work again with the client, because this is extremely important — takes much time and efforts.

Normally, it is just a matter of modifying details, or changing the image or the text, without affecting the original concept.

  • How does organizational environment help you with UI design?

I fortunately work at Enable Startup — a technology company, where all people are passionate about finding new technologies and software, so I can update with new technologies.

In addition, everyone in the company are mostly the younger, so they always have the enthusiasm of youth, passion for work and their spirit are excited. I feel that everyday I “get” to work, not “go” to work.

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— Enable Startup’s members


At Enable Startup, we are not just a team of IT developers, we are a team of inspired creators and sincere friends, so that our members can feel satisfied and provide our customers a lot of effective products, including UI/UX design.

If you have any problem with your website, let’s share with us so that we can give you some helpful advice!

— Enable Startup Co., Ltd

Website: https://enablestartup.com

Address: 3rd Floor, Quang Dong Tower, 108 Nui Thanh St, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Email: hello@enablestartup.com

Enable Startup

We are working on various platforms PHP, Nodejs, RoR…

Tuan Nguyen

Written by

A tech entrepreneur, Founder of Enable Startup Co., Ltd

Enable Startup

We are working on various platforms PHP, Nodejs, RoR, mobile apps in Android and iOS. With experienced developers, designers and entrepreneurs, we proudly enable optimized solutions to startups and SMEs in Vietnam, Singapore and US.

Tuan Nguyen

Written by

A tech entrepreneur, Founder of Enable Startup Co., Ltd

Enable Startup

We are working on various platforms PHP, Nodejs, RoR, mobile apps in Android and iOS. With experienced developers, designers and entrepreneurs, we proudly enable optimized solutions to startups and SMEs in Vietnam, Singapore and US.

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