Enact CES 2019 Demo a Success

The Enact team collaborated with other teams from LG’s American Research Center (formerly LG Silicon Valley Lab) to demonstrate the power of Open Source technologies at the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) CES showcase.

In our demo we combined LG’s Autonomous Driving Simulator with custom JavaScript front and rear seat infotainment based on AGL and Baidu’s Apollo self-driving platform.

For our part of the demo, we created a center console system using a proof-of-concept library called Agate. That was simplified by the work we did with the unstyled UI library for Enact 2.0. The base UI components encapsulate the component behaviors, which allowed us to focus on the styling and layout as Agate was designed.

The console demonstrated several custom UI themes and some new Enact features, including runtime theme customization, drag-and-drop layout management and map integration.

A sampling of different themes

The use of web technologies on AGL was made possible by combining the Web Application Manager (WAM) component from webOS Open Source Edition with the AGL core. This allowed us to speed up our app development by using desktop browsers and even interactive remote debugging, with live reloading, once deployed to actual hardware.

The following video includes a walkthrough of the whole demo, include the Enact portions:

If you’d like to set up the console application yourself, you can find out more information in the Agate apps repo.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and to all the people on the team who helped make this a success!