Announcing Algorand Accelerator Participants

Vanessa Losic
Nov 17, 2021 · 4 min read

After the success of our Encode Algorand Educational Series and dedicated Algorand hackathon, we are delighted to announce the 10 participating teams in the 10-week accelerator programme.

The Algorand Accelerator is a 10-week, online accelerator taking the best university, hackathon and early-stage Algorand projects worldwide, and helping them take the leap to become fully-fledged startups.

About Algorand

We are delighted to be working again with the Algorand Foundation and helping to champion the adoption of the Algorand blockchain. Their technology, the brainchild of Turing-Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, stands out at the forefront of the blockchain space, particularly their pure-proof-of stake protocol. We also know first hand that their developer relations and support are second to none. For more information, visit or

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a blockchain education community. We work with leading companies, networks, communities and universities. We educate people by way of events, workshops, hackathons, accelerators and bootcamps. Read more here.

The Participants

We are delighted to announce the 10 teams who will learn, build and network as part of the Algorand Accelerator:

Algorand Naming Service (ANS) is a decentralized naming service for Algorand ecosystem, built by a team from India and the US.

zCircuit is a provably fair game where players can make skill-based wagers on the outcome of a race, built by a team from St. Louis, Missouri.

Algomond is a trading card video game built on Algorand, where players have full controls over their cards thanks to Algorand ASAs. Built by a team from the UK.

Asalytic is an NFT analytics tool for the Algorand blockchain that enables the customers to make a well-informed decision before purchasing the NFT of interest, built by a team from the Netherlands.

2i2i is a blockchain-based market for video calls based on Algorand, built by a team from Switzerland. Anybody with an internet connection can earn coins by talking.

Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) are NFTs that can dynamically change their underlying artwork based on external data, built by a team from Hong Kong / Australia.

A comparison website for DeFi platforms on Algorand, built by a team from Hong Kong.

NFT space is a NFT reader, social media platform and search engine built by a team from the UK. Their goal is to create a platform for users from different marketplaces and blockchains to enjoy artwork, share ideas and get inspired.

ALPOS, Point of Service to solve complex retail goods chains and incomplete value chains between suppliers, retailers, and consumers, all based on Algorand layer 1 features: ASCs, AATs, and ASAs (ASAs are utility tokens only).

Decentralized voting system for knowledge-based pure democracy decision making. Allowing any organisation to make their own governance system for its token, allowing any group of people to vote on any subject, allowing the governments to process the elections through blockchain. Built by a team from the Czech Republic.

We are excited to see these teams develop and grow during the accelerator programme!

About the Algorand Accelerator

When smart projects finish hackathons, they have a lot of potential to keep building but are not ready for the commitment of going full-time. We wanted to create a programme to help them get to the next stage. We also wanted teams to all build on one platform together so they have the camaraderie, support and feedback from other teams at the same stage. Hence, the Encode Accelerator was born!

  • Lasts 10 weeks
  • Weekly workshops on building your project
  • Dedicated 1–1 mentorship meeting
  • You are expected to build intensely, but not full-time, for those 10 weeks
  • 5k ALGO stipend for participating
  • Ends with a Pitch Day for follow-on funding

At the end of the accelerator programme, each project will have a thought-out pitch deck, including their economic design and business plan to help with fundraising.

Each team that successfully completes the accelerator programme will receive a 5k ALGOs stipend (50k ALGOs total, divided among 10 chosen teams).

  • Apply for grants from Algorand
  • Raise equity and token funding from Encode Invest
  • Get funding from investors in the Algorand ecosystem


October 2021: Applications open

Sunday 7th November 2021: Applications close

Mid November 2021: Successful applicants announced

Wednesday, November 24th 2021: Algorand Accelerator begins

Late-December 2021: Short break over Christmas

January 2022: Algorand Accelerator ends


If you have any questions, please email or reach out on Discord.


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