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Announcing the Encode x StarkNet Hackathon

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Encode x StarkNet Hackathon, a four-week hack dedicated to new and innovative dApps on StarkNet.

This hackathon is a great opportunity to learn all about StarkNet and about the tools, resources and information involved in building on StarkNet.

The hackathon begins with a Launch Event on 28th February, lasting 4 weeks through to April.

We’ll finish the hackathon with a finale event, where the best hackathon projects pitch to win top prizes!


You can register for the hackathon here!

Registrations are open until 28th February!

All hack details are available on our StarkNet Hack Notion, including challenges, how to register and submit, as well as our Hacker Pack!

To find out more, visit our website.

Hackathon Challenges

We challenge you to build amazing projects on StarkNet for a chance to win a piece of the hack’s $50k prize pool!

There are $25k in prizes available through two challenge tracks:

1. L2 dApp — Build on StarkNet

StarkNet native apps/contracts:

Build dApps that are fully live on StarkNet and leverage its ecosystem, but don’t need to interact with L1 data or assets. You can get inspired by gaming dApps like Briqs, or marketplaces like Oasis.

We want to see you build amazing NFT and gaming dApps, but you can build anything you want!

1st Prize — $8k,
2nd Prize — $5k

2. L1<>L2 dApp on StarkNet and Ethereum

Cross-layer applications (StarkNet contract + Solidity):

Build dApps that allow the interaction between StarkNet and Ethereum through the use of assets and / or data. Think bridges, DeFi pooling, storage proofs, L2 governance of L1 assets, etc.

We encourage you to build DeFi solutions but you have the freedom to be as creative as you wish while answering the challenge!


1st Prize — $8k,
2nd Prize — $5k

Additional Prize Pool / Open Track

StarkNet will award up to $24k in their open track challenge to other fantastic projects built on StarkNet and dApps they find relevant.

Judging criteria

The following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Non-crypto user onboarding: how is your app designing a simple, yet safe interaction and onboarding experience to StarkNet?
  • Crypto user onboarding: How is your app managing security and UX expectations of existing crypto users?
  • Ecosystem integration: Are you integrating with existing protocols to provide more value?
  • Pushing the frontier: Are you thinking big and leveraging new possibilities opened by StarkNet?
  • Memeology: Do you have the best memes?
  • Architectural soundness: Is your protocol / app design well thought out, without any gaping holes in terms of safety and decentralization?
  • User experience: Is your MVP easy to use?

Developer Resources

You can find a variety of resources to help you get started building below:

Encode Hacker Pages on Notion — everything you need to get started is here.

StarkNet Documentation

StarkNet Ecosystem General Information

STARK 101 — a hands-on tutorial on how to write a STARK prover from scratch (in Python)

Cairo — documentation and resources for Cairo, a language for creating STARK-provable programs for general computation. Cairo is the native smart contract language for StarkNet.

Hackathon Dates

Until February 28th: Registration deadline

February 28th: Hackathon begins

March 7th: Late Registration

April 3rd: Submission deadline

Early April: Judging period

April 14th: Finale and Prizegiving Event

Upcoming Events

StarkNet Hack Launch + Intro to StarkNet — Monday, 28th February

StarkNet Wallets & Accounts +Syntax — Tuesday, 1st March

StarkNet ERC20 and ERC721 Workshop — Thursday, 3rd March

StarkNet JS Workshop — Thursday, 10th March

L1 <-> L2 Messaging Workshop — Wednesday, 16th March

StarkNet Hack Finale and Prizegiving — Thursday, 14th April

Previous Encode Hackathons

This is our 13th hackathon to date! You can check out our previous hackathon summaries below:

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About StarkNet

StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup operating as an L2 network over Ethereum, where any dApp can achieve unlimited scale for its computation, without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security. Read more on Starkware’s website.

About Encode

Encode is a leading web3 education community. Our mission is to help ambitious, talented people achieve their personal and professional goals together in web3. We do this through organising high-quality programmes including hackathons, coding bootcamps, educational workshops, and accelerators in partnership with the leading blockchain protocols. Once participating in our programming, we help people get hired through our dedicated recruitment arm or receive investment through our investment fund. Read more here.

Register for the StarkNet Hack


If you have any questions, please email: hack@encode.club or join our Discord.


You can also stay up to date with all things Encode Club through our Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn channels.



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