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Announcing the Encode x Tezos Accelerator

Following the success of our Tezos Educate series, as well as our Tezos Hackathon, we’re delighted to announce the Encode x Tezos Accelerator!

It is a ten-week online accelerator taking the best hackathon and early-stage projects worldwide and helping them take the leap to become fully-fledged startups.

Apply here!

About Tezos

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. Read more here.


When great projects finish hackathons, they have a lot of potential to keep building but are often not ready for the commitment of going full-time. We wanted to create a programme to help them get to the next stage. We also wanted all teams to build on one platform together so they could enjoy the camaraderie, support and feedback from other teams at the same stage, as well as constant 1–1 support from their mentors at Encode. Hence, the Encode Accelerator was born!


Applications for the Tezos Accelerator are open now.

You can apply here.

Make sure to apply soon because applications will only stay open Sunday, 26th June!


  • Lasts 10 weeks
  • Weekly workshops on building your project
  • Dedicated 1–1 mentorship meeting
  • You are expected to build intensely, but not full-time, for those 10 weeks
  • A $4k stipend to each team for completing the programme
  • Ends with a Pitch Day for follow-on funding

Workshop topics:

  • Welcome Event
  • Startup Method
  • Design
  • AMA
  • Marketing
  • Midway Demo
  • Technical Support
  • Fundraising
  • Pitch Practice
  • Pitch Day

At the end of the accelerator programme, each project should have a thought-out pitch deck, including its economic design and business plan to help with fundraising.

Each team that completes the accelerator programme will receive a $4k stipend.

After the accelerator, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Any high-quality individual or team building on Tezos will be allowed to apply to participate.
  • The programme will take place online, so anyone in the world can take part.
  • As part of this accelerator, you do not have to commit full-time to your project or incorporate a company (you will have time commitments of 2–3 hours of calls per week as a minimum)
  • So long as your project has not received equity or token funding prior to starting the Club, you will be allowed to apply for the programme.
  • Teams can be made up of 1–6 people.

To apply, please click here.


Early to Late June: Applications open

Late June: Applications close

Early July: Successful applicants announced

Monday, 4th July 2022: Tezos Accelerator begins

Monday, 5th September 2022: Tezos Accelerator ends


If you have any questions, please email: general@encode.club or reach out on Discord

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a web3 education community learning and building together through fantastic programmes with the leading protocols in the space. Together we organise programmes like education series, bootcamps, hackathons, and accelerators both online and in person. We then help our community get jobs and funding for projects and startups.

Twitter | Website | Discord | Telegram | YouTube




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