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Announcing the Manifold MEV Bounty Competition — Register now!

We’re delighted to announce the Manifold MEV Bounty Competition starting Mon 19th Sept and lasting through to Monday 10th October!

The programme will kick off with a Launch Event on Monday 19th September, where we’ll introduce the structure of the bounty competition and the bounties themselves.


You can register for the bounty competition here:

Registration is open until Monday, 19th September.

🏆 Manifold MEV Bounty

Within the Manifold MEV challenge you will be searching on a custom EVM fork for profitable opportunities.

Manifold’s custom chain has different entities, both large and small, performing trades against DEX LPs and issuing transfers between each other. As a participant, your objective is to create a working MEV trading system that can capitalize on inefficiencies within our custom chain. As a searcher you must extract the maximal value from both the entities in the system and each other.

At the end of the competition period we will rank the bots according to the amount currency their bots have accumulated; with three prizes available to first, second, and third place.

1st Prize: $5K,
2nd Prize: $3K,
3rd Prize: $2K.

Competition Dates

19th September: Bounty Competition begins

21st September: Late Registration

10th October at 10 pm GMT+1: Challenge end date

Upcoming Events

Launch Event — Monday, 19th September at 5:30 pm GMT+1

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a Web3 education community learning and building together through fantastic programmes with the leading protocols in the space. Together we organise programmes like education series, bootcamps, hackathons, accelerators both online and in person. We then help our community get jobs and funding for projects and startups.

About Manifold

Manifold is a systematic, quantitative investment firm focused on the cryptocurrency space.

Find out more here.


If you have any questions, please email: general@encode.club

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