Encode Hack Club: Announcing the Finalists and Judges

Anthony Beaumont
Feb 11 · 3 min read

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the Encode Hack Club, our biggest university hackathon yet.

Over 1200 students, researchers and hackers took part from over 50 countries and 75 universities! They learnt, built and hacked for 10 weeks.

In our last two hackathons, Euler and Reflexer (amongst others) have gone on to raise large investment rounds following the final!

Final details (and prizegiving)

The final will take place on Tues 23rd February at 5.30pm GMT. The top 10 projects will be pitching for £5k worth of top prizes (judges to be announced). You can get a place here.

The sponsor bounties will also be announced after the pitches. Thank you to our awesome sponsors!


Voting system

The judges will be using Encode alum Q-Vote’s quadratic voting system to decide the top three projects. The prizes are:

1st: £3k
2nd: £1.5k
3rd: £500k


Choosing the best three projects in the hackathon are the following exceptional array of individuals:

Luke Saunders — CTO, Delphi Digital

Arjun Balaji — Investment Partner, Paradigm

Andrew Kang — Co-founder, Mechanism Capital

Praneeth Srikanti — Investment Principal, Consensys Ventures

Dan Elitzer — Co-founder, Nascent

Ken Deeter — Partner, Electric Capital

Roderik van der Graaf — Founder, Lemniscap

Lyuben Belov — Managing Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

The Finalists

Competing in the final are:

0xmons: GAN generated NFT monsters by a rockstar student from University of California San Diego

Float Protocol: Floating low-volatility alternative to stablecoins, by anonymous researchers.

LayerCakeSwap: Uniswap on Polkadot by a rockstar Russian hacker.

Loot: Games and accessory platform on Polkadot by a team of 3 led by a University of Buffalo graduate.

Opendive: No-loss arcade game built on Binance Smart Chain by a team of robotics researchers at the ATR Lab from Kent State University, Ohio

Revert: Analytics tool for liquidity providers on AMM protocols by a team of two developers from Mexicos.

Subauction: NFT auction system on Polkadot by a team of 3 Czech Republic developers.

Teal Finance: Transparency tools for crypto, built on Binance Smart Chain and with Tellor by a team of researchers from France.

Upala: Gamified, collateralised digital identity on Binance Smart Chain by a senior developer from Russia.

V-cred: Permissionless credit platform harnessing flash loans, built on both Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain by a senior developer based in Manchester.

Register for the event

The event is Tues 23rd February at 5.30pm. Click here!

About Encode Club

The purpose of Encode is to educate, support and catalyse the emergence of new talent into the blockchain space. We work across 75 universities worldwide, running hackathons, accelerators, education series as well as investing and recruiting the best to join leading blockchain companies. Read more here.


If you have any questions, please email: questions@encode.club

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