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We’re excited to present our Web3 Job Fair, a two-hour event taking place in the metaverse!

Join us on April 14th at 4 pm GMT+1 and get ready to meet our hiring partners who are looking for talented individuals to join their teams.

Each company will have their own virtual booth where you can stop by and have a chat about their open tech and non-tech roles. This is your chance to shine and show them why you’re the perfect fit for their team. Who knows, you might even secure a job interview on the spot!

But that’s not all — we’ve also got some great careers panels lined up to help you level up your job search skills, as well as a networking space where you can connect with other attendees and share your experiences.

Our goal is to help you get your dream job and help our hiring partners find their perfect match. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, meet us in the Metaverse — sign up form is now closed.

Our hiring partners

We’re proud to partner with:

  • OpenZeppelin — the premier crypto cybersecurity technology
  • Automata — a protocol protecting fairness and privacy in Web3
  • Phaver — the biggest app on Lens Protocol
  • Gnosis Builders — the ecosystem team for Gnosis Chain
  • Ledger — a security and infrastructure solutions company
  • Evmos — a PoS blockchain compatible and interoperable with the EVM
  • Bluejay Finance — building a new financial ecosystem
  • fxhash —building the future of generative art
  • — building a decentralised privacy-preserving solution for the AI
  • DERA Foundation— shaping the future of digital economies
  • Aguadulce — a boutique software development studio
  • Pinata — a web3 media and development platform
  • Bware Labs — building an all-encompassing development ecosystem
  • R3 — a leading provider of enterprise trust technology and services
  • BCW Group — a Web3 venture studio & enterprise consulting firm
  • Parcl — a global real estate trading platform
  • Switchboard — a multichain customizable oracle network
  • Manifold — a quantitative investment firm focused on digital assets
  • Gelato — building the backend of web3
  • Safary — building the ecosystem for web3 growth and marketing
  • Openfort — a small, potent and passionate team obsessed with the crypto unlock
  • Polybase — building a web3 database with native support for wallet-based permissions, token gating, and zk proofs
  • Polymer — working on problems in web3 interoperability infrastructure
  • Hexens — a cybersecurity company
  • Convergence RFQ — a team building an on-chain RFQ primitive for provisioning protocol liquidity
  • Metis — a team building a scalable Ethereum L2
  • CEDE Labs — the gateway between CeFi liquidity/data and any dApp
  • Rysk Finance — a DeFi team building an on-chain options protocol
  • Argent — the world’s most simple and secure smart wallet for Ethereum
  • stakefish — a team building the infrastructure backbone of the blockchain ecosystem
  • SettleMint — the world’s most complete high-performance low-code web3 development platform
  • Mantle — a high-performance Ethereum L2 network built with modular architecture delivering low fees and high security
  • Parity — an open-source creative commons that will enable people to create better institutions through technology
  • Phi Labs — building blockchain tools and protocols that empower builders
  • Extropy — a blockchain consultancy specialising in developing blockchain solutions, security auditing and training
  • Nefture — a Paris-based startup incubated by L’Oreal and Cyberbooster
  • BreederDAO — on their way to become the largest play-to-earn digital asset provider in the world
  • DCryptoTools — building a multi-chain tooling platform for web3 developers
  • Scroll — building the Native zkEVM Scaling Solution for Ethereum
  • Econia — transforming the financial landscape by offering a decentralized and globally-unified trading platform
  • Binance — the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem & digital asset exchange
  • BNB Chain — one of the most popular blockchains

Virtual venue

Meet us at Gather town, a virtual job fair venue! Here is a sneak peek of the venue:

Venue map
Partner’s booth featuring private spaces (tables), dropbox for your CV (mailbox) and available roles (screen)

Panels’ agenda

4:00–4:40 pm GMT+1 Getting Hired in Web3: Dos and Don’ts of Applying and Interviewing

4:40–5:20 pm GMT+1Founders Forum: Insights and Inspiration from Successful Entrepreneurs

5:20–6:00 pm GMT+1Navigating Career Transitions: Tips and strategies for successfully changing career paths

Open roles

There will be more than 200 available job opportunities at our fair. From tech to non-tech from intern, junior, mid to senior.
- Smart Contract Engineer / Solidity / Blockchain / Rust
- Frontend / Backend / Full-stack Engineer
- Software Engineer
- QA Automation
- Software / IT / Blockchain Security Engineer
- ML / AI Engineer
- Game Developer / Designer / UX/UI
- Technical Writer
- DevOps
- Social Media & Content Manager
- Product Manager / Head / Designer
- Account Manager
- Sales / BD Manager
- (People) Operations Analyst
- Community Manager / DevRel

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a web3 education community learning and building together through fantastic programmes with the leading protocols in the space. Together we organise programmes like education series, bootcamps, hackathons, accelerators both online and in person. We then help our community get jobs and funding for projects and startups.

Get ready with Encode

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