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Spark University Blockchain Hackathon — the finalists

After 8 weeks of hacking, we have chosen our finalists to compete for the overall top prizes in the Spark Hackathon. They will pitch to an esteemed judging panel on Monday 31st August at 5pm BST.

What is it?

The Spark Hackathon is for university developers and hackers.

Who runs it?

It is run by Encode Club, an online university and hacker blockchain community.

Why do we run it?

Our aim is to uncover the top hackers and developers earlier than anyone else and support them.


This is the third hackathon (see the first and second) that our team has run. Since our last hackathon, Reflexer (the third place team) has raised $1.7m led by Paradigm.

We have had record numbers in this hack:

800 participants (up from 650)
100 finishing teams (up from 70)

Which universities are involved?

Over 40 from 6 continents, including UK, Spain, Italy, South Africa, India, Brazil, US, Canada, Singapore, Australia.

The finalists:

Euler: a permissionless lending platform, led by an Oxford post-doctoral researcher.

Biton: a scalable peer-to-peer overlay network that provides plausible
deniability for routing and storage, led by a UCL PhD student who is supervised by George Danezis (Chainspace, Facebook).

NFT.finance: A lending platform for NFTs with collateral integration through Aave, led by an Imperial undergraduate and student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Atomic Ninja: A transaction batcher for flash loans, built on Aave and Filecoin, built by a team of Brazilian hackers.

Pygate: Python integration for IPFS and Filecoin, including a student from Imperial and a PhD from the University of Glasgow amongst others.

Filecoin Pricing Mechanism: A decentralised platform enabling trustworthy assignment of storage capacity through multi-item auctions, built by three researchers from UCL, UCLA and UCLouvain respectively.

Chikaraa: An aggregator platform that connects flash loan developers and people who want to use them, build by a team of Indian hackers.

Blockchain Inclusive: A decentralised storage platform (using Filecoin) with defi integration (using Aave), built by a team including students from the University of Colorado, University of Washington and Cambridge.

Codigo: An IOT portal for firmware distribution, built using Filecoin based on Edinburgh University research.

Footium: A football management game with players/clubs as tradable NFTs, built by a team including a Bristol and an Oxford student.

Watch and Listen: A marketplace for live music events built using Livepeer by a Russian based team.

Private Protests: A decentralised private protesting application using Nucypher by a team of India based students.


Dr Kari Kostiainen — Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and Winner of our last hackathon with Snappy Labs.

Peter Yuan Pan — Co-founder of MetaCartel Ventures

Anton Bukov — Co-founder of 1.inch exchange

Roderick van der Graaf — Managing Partner at Lemniscap VC

Tom Schmidt — Partner at Dragonfly Capital

Get a place

Tickets here


Thank you to our awesome sponsors:


Email anthony@encode.club



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