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StarkNet Paris Hack by Encode and Activate: Summary and Prizewinners 🏆

StarkNet Paris Hackers!

The StarkNet Paris Hack took place from 18th to 19th July 2022 in Paris during Eth CC week and had our hackers facing record-breaking 40 degree heat in order to complete and submit their projects.

Eomji Park, Encode’s Head of Research & Programming, kicking off the hack!
Excitement before the kickoff

This event was an in-person StarkNet-dedicated hackathon held in Le Marais, one of the coolest areas in Paris. Our beautiful hackathon venue used to be a workshop producing parts for the Eiffel Tower so the hackers got to experience a bit of essential Parisian history.

The hackathon’s beautiful venue in Le Marais

Hackers had the chance to answer our amazing sponsors’ challenges, chill and network over the course of 2 days. (All while fueled by unlimited amounts of caffeine, snacks and ice cream!)

Our hackers had the chance to get some 1–1 support from our amazing sponsors

Overview of the Hack

The hackathon kicked off with an Opening Ceremony at noon on July 18th and finished with a noon submission deadline the following day.

The teams were hard at work over the two days of the hackathon

The final hours of the hack were some of the most intense, with most teams working hard to finish and submit.

Intense hacking at the StarkNet Paris Hack

The hackathon ended with 7 best projects pitching during a live pitching session, an ‘audience favorite’ voting session as well as our sponsors publicly awarding their prizewinners!

Post-hack mingle

We finished off the event with some mingling and networking, all while featuring some very special beverages.

Locally produced StarkNet hacker fuel

Our sponsors

The hackathon was supported by fantastic sponsors, judges and mentors, without whose assistance and support the event would not have happened.

We had incredible mentors volunteering to advise and help hackers!

Sam — co-founder of Journal du Coin
Stan Bernard — Tech Lead at Only Dust
Paco Villetard — co-founder of Only Dust

Of course, choosing the finalists and overall winners wouldn’t be possible without the support of our fantastic StarkWare judges (and their wigs!), as well as the entire StarkWare team.

Thank you!

Henri Lieutaud — Developer Advocate at StarkWare
Shahar Papini — Software Engineer at StarkWare
Lucas Levy — StarkNet Developer Advocate
Tom Brand — Product Manager at StarkWare
Louis Guthmann — Ecosystem Lead at StarkWare

Our judicial panel: Shahar, Tom, Lucas, Henri, and Louis! Thank you :)


Lead Sponsor — StarkWare

The winners of the StarkWare prize were determined by a combination of live votes:

50% StarkWare judge votes
50% Audience votes

Best use of StarkNet Winners

(Overall hackathon winners)

The winning teams!

🥇 1st Prize$7kBurner Wallet

A burner wallet that provides temporary authorisation to access a wallet

🥈 2nd Prize — $5k scaffold-stark

scaffold-stark is a forkable dev stack for debugging StarkNet smart contracts, rapid prototyping, and building frontend UI. It allows developers to rapidly spin up a frontend application for interacting with their smart contracts.

🥉 3rd Prize$3kD/CM

D/CM, a dao contributor marketplace is a service platform that connects DAOs to individual and independent professionals across the globe. These professionals work as contributors for DAOs to achieve certain tasks and goals. The marketplace will also provide an escrow service for the transactions to be transparent between the DAOs and the contributors.

Gold Sponsor — Ledger

Build your first plugin securely with Ledger

🥇 Ledger Nano S Plus Devices

🎖 Burner Wallet
StarkNet EIP712 Account Contract Implementation

Silver Sponsors


The best use of code related to Argent X

🥇 Argent X top pick$600 Burner Wallet
🥈 Argent X runner-up$400Transparent network logging for Argent X


Demo using the Braavos wallet — $300 per team:

🎖 SNS — StarkNet Naming Service
🎖 StarkBet
🎖 StarkMed
🎖 Daordinate


Design and implement an investment strategy that can be used by Astraly’s vault

🎖 $100 — ODAx
$100 — Navalizey


DeFi Block — Dapps or protocols built on top of JediSwap

🥇 1st Prize$750 ODAx
🥈 2nd Prize$750Hubble

DAO tools — Tools to make JediSwap coordination easy

🥇 1st Prize$250Daordinate
🥈 2nd Prize$250 D/CM


ZKX DAO: Implement smart contract(s) of your choice

🥇 1st Prize$500Daordinate
🥈 2nd Prize$250D/CM
🥉 3rd Prize$250 SNS

Empiric Network

Empiric Computational Price Feeds Prize

🥇 1st Prize$4000Rolling Window TWAP
🥈 2nd Prize$1000ZIXX

Empiric Protocol Price Feeds Prize

🥇 1st Prize$4000 Index-Stark
🥈 2nd Prize$1000StarkBet

Bronze Sponsor


Best use of Aspect’s NFT API

🥇 1st Prize$500Daordinate
🥈 2nd Prize$150Aspect Mobile App
🥉 3rd Prize$50gyoza


Email hack [@] encode.club

About StarkWare

StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions for the blockchain industry. Their products enable a secure, trustless, and scalable operating for blockchain applications. StarkWare’s cryptographic proofs are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent and post-quantum secure.

About Activate

Activate is a global organization of web3 builders fostering multi-chain and fully inclusive industry.

Activate’s goal is to seek out the most talented builders worldwide & empower them to build the best future possible.

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a web3 education community learning and building together through fantastic programmes with the leading protocols in the space. Together we organise programmes like education series, bootcamps, hackathons, accelerators both online and in person. We then help our community get jobs and funding for projects and startups.

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