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Does Holacracy Have Blind Spots?

From Holes to Wholeness

The Success of Holacracy in Addressing Common Organizational Pain Points

Armchair Criticism and Criticism Coming From Practice

A Bitter Medicine

Issues with Holacracy

“Rigidity” or “Discipline” and What About the People?

Ownership and Legal Constructs

Introducing Holacracy Top-Down Contradicts Self-Management

Compensation Needs to be Reinvented

How the For-Purpose Enterprise Can Help

Three containers of a For-Purpose Enterprise (image courtesy of Energized.org)

Organization: Where the Work Gets Done

Association: People Matter(s)

Company: The Anchor Circle as Integration Point

Snapshot of encode.org’s structure captured in Glassfrog, July 2017

Setting the Right Incentives — Dynamic Equity Structures

Baking and slicing the pie of shares, yummy and fair”

Earnings vs. Compensation Plans

Opting in to For-Purpose Enterprises Running with Holacracy



Purpose: To connect power, purpose and work. #teal #self-organization #holacracy

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Dennis Wittrock

Integral pioneer from Germany. Holacracy Master Coach at Xpreneurs. Partner at encode.org. Co-founder Integral European Conference. www.denniswittrock.com