Beyond Self-Organizing the Work:

How to Work, Earn, and Live on Purpose

Dennis Wittrock
Aug 25, 2016 · 8 min read

Do you heed the call to express your soul’s purpose at work? Do you aspire to earn a living while doing so? Wouldn’t it be great to work together with like-purposed people on a peer-to-peer basis and show up fully as you are? In short: do you yearn to work, earn, and live on purpose?

Myself with HolacracyOne Co-Founders Tom Thomison, Brian Robertson and Alexia Bowers in the early days (2008), left to right

This is the story of an entrepreneurial journey which started out with the vision of finding “a better way to work together”. In 2007 Tom Thomison joined Brian Robertson and Alexia Bowers to found HolacracyOne with the goal of developing a portable operating system for self-organizing the work. At its core it was the attempt to replace the traditional top-down management hierarchy with a purpose driven organization. After a decade of trial and error and continual refinements it is clear that this experiment has been successful. With Holacracy there now exists a viable alternative to organize the work differently and create a thriving business without having to use the rigid structures and outdated mindsets of the industrial age.

In fact, Holacracy is just one example of a bigger evolutionary trend which seems to be guided by three notable principles encapsulated in the new “Teal Organization” movement, catalyzed by Frederic Laloux, author of “Reinventing Organizations.” Laloux has reverse-engineered these emergent trends from his research findings and clarified them as self-organization, evolutionary purpose, and wholeness. Over many decades other companies like Buurtzorg, Morning Star, Valve, Gore or FAVI also forged their own individual ways of doing the work and expressing these principles.

More and more people feel the urge to work, earn, and live on purpose.

The great gift of Holacracy is that it helped to clearly differentiate the organization from the people.

By forcing this distinction Holacracy became an evolutionary catalyst for what is next, especially since it remains deliberately mute on many questions that it simply was not designed to answer. For example, it does not tell you how you should resolve interpersonal conflicts among co-workers, nor does it tell you which legal structure you should choose. It does not prescribe how you should compensate the people, share profits, or how you should redefine mentorship and career growth, in the context of a self-organizing system. It doesn’t pretend to have all the answers and trusts that its users eventually figure out, design, and iterate their own context relevant solutions over time.

The encoding of a For-Purpose Organization

Some of’s purpose agents and friends during an Association meetup

We at sensed the evolutionary need for a cohesive end-to-end system for purpose driven organizations, which picks up on many of the previously as well as newly differentiated pieces and integrates them into a new whole: the For-Purpose Enterprise (FPE).

The ingredients of a For-Purpose Enterprise

An FPE consists of three containers, the Organization, the Company and the Association. They all have their own specific rulesets encoded in various agreements. Here’s an overview about the main elements both from an outside and an inside perspective.

A For-Purpose Enterprise (formerly “SOE”) with the Purpose Agent at the center

The Organization: Work on Purpose

A self-organizing system like Holacracy replaces the traditional power hierarchy by distributing authority through organizing the work very clearly into circles, roles, policies, and accountabilities all of which are pursuing and executing based on purpose, rather than departments, managers, static job descriptions, and office politics. Here all role fillers can be equally engaged in decision making processes. The focus in this container is the work of the organization and its ruleset is the Constitution.

Here we show up as Partners, filling roles in order to bring our energy and talent to work in pursuit of the organization’s purpose. Working in this space I have greater freedom and clear accountabilities. I lead my roles and the fact that I can take on a unique set of ever-evolving roles means that there are plenty of opportunities for my professional growth. The rules of the constitution provide clear pathways to process my organizational tensions and take responsibility for them.

The Company: Earn on Purpose

A main source of tension that needs an adequate space for processing is related to the fair distribution of the profits. The Company is where innovative legal agreements anchor the self-organizing system in local legal jurisdictions and where equity, profit, compensation, etc. are regulated. The focus of this container is the organization’s property or capital. The rule sets are all legal agreements, primarily the Operating Agreement.

Here we all show up as full legal Members of the company. For early stage companies a dynamic equity system (drawing on the “Slicing Pie” model) enables fair and transparent accounting for individual contributions in time and money, and grants investment stakes in long term equity. Additionally, profit interests and other capital interests are available for everyone. Power is no longer held personally with single owners or investors who call the shots. If everyone is a legal member of the company the awkward employer-employee dynamic is more fully transcended and there is no longer a privileged class of people potentially distorting interactions in the other containers.

The Association: Live on Purpose

One of the the most sought after reintegrations is the question of where and how the people and their matters (like interpersonal relationships, the shared culture(s), care and support, etc.) fit into the picture. The Association is a space where we humans show up and associate with each other as who we are, in wholeness, with our strengths and weaknesses, with our desires, hopes, dreams and fears, with our interpersonal tensions and with our individual capacities to develop. The focus here is on the people and the ruleset is the Association Agreement that guides our context specific culture, our behavior norms, values, personal development, etc.

In the Association I show up as a Member. The beautiful thing is that I can be more fully myself and meet others on the same level of humanness without being entangled in the usual power dynamics and company politics. I can freely associate with the other purpose aligned members, develop relationships, give or receive feedback and mentorship as needed.

The three containers of Organization, Company, and Association are linked via their different yet explicit agreements anchoring each other and together make up a new reintegrated whole — the For-Purpose Enterprise. calls the individual in this constellation the “purpose agent” and places it right in the middle of this construction. In a FPE you are simultaneously a cherished member of the Association, a legal manager of the company, as well as a partner of the organization in differentiated yet overlapping spaces. You arrive at an FPE either by bootstrapping a new organization or by transitioning an existing organization to an FPE. offers services and support for both pathways.

A platform to connect people and purpose in the New World of Work is also building a software platform for For-Purpose Enterprises and purpose agents to find each other, so that you can spread your purposeful work according to your talents, skills and available time across several organizations and shop around for purpose (very much similar to how you can currently shop around for roles in your own organization’s Holacracy structure). FPE’s will have the opportunity to recruit purpose agents fluent in Holacracy or other self-organizing systems as their workforce. The platform will use leading edge blockchain technology and smart contracts encoding all the legal and financial complexities of the ever-evolving FPE into software, all in an effort to make it as secure, efficient, and user friendly as possible. We envision a future where this form of liberated and purposeful working will become the new norm for thousands of organizations and their purpose agents.

Putting it all together: Work, Earn and Live on Purpose

We have identified these essential threads of the Organization, the Company, and the Association and woven them together into a cohesive whole: The For-Purpose Enterprise. This is the newly emerging entity that enables us to continue our evolutionary journey on the trails that other pioneers have blazed before. As individual purpose agents we can now consciously navigate the intersection of working, earning and living on purpose — even beyond a single organization. We invite you to join us in this journey.

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Purpose: To connect Power, Purpose and Work #teal…

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