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Photo by Bastian Riccardi on Pexels

New Energy for a Power-Shifted World

“Elk Bath” — A wildfire in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, United States

From “Oliver Valves Nederland” to “NRG Flow”

From traditional management to self-organization powered by Holacracy

A 2-Minute explainer video about Holacracy

Going beyond just self-organizing the work

The For-Purpose Enterprise to the rescue…

Recording of a webinar on the For-Purpose Enterprise

Taking a leap of faith and becoming fit for purpose

The NRG Circles team discussing the transformation process

A collaborative supply-chain model in the oil & gas industry

The endgame

The sun is slowly setting on the oil and gas industry — photo by Zukiman Mohamad via Pexels

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Purpose: To connect power, purpose and work. #teal #self-organization #holacracy

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Dennis Wittrock

Dennis Wittrock

Integral pioneer from Germany. Holacracy Coach at Xpreneurs. Partner at encode.org. Co-founder Integral European Conference. www.denniswittrock.com

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