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Acing the UX Job Hunt — Part 2: Interview Prep

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Script your responses

I tend to go completely blank during interviews, and I forget what to say. Then other times I’ll go off on a tangent and lose track of the point I was trying to make in the first place. Either way, it doesn’t look good in an interview. I stopped doing this by scripting my answers to the most common interview questions. You know, the questions like “Tell me about yourself?” or “What’s your biggest strength?” or my all-time favorite “Why do you want to work for [insert company name]?” This can help you stay focused and stay on track during your interview.

Use the job description

The name of the game while interviewing is to check as many boxes as you can. What better way to do that than to make sure that all of your responses do just that. Use the job description to guide your responses during your interview. One thing that I like to do while I’m preparing is to dissect the job description and match the qualifications and skills they are looking for with my previous experiences.

Have Questions

Okay, I guess this is one of those common interview prep tips, but it is essential. My rule of thumb is to have more questions than I could ask within the allotted time frame for the interview. You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. You need to ask questions to make sure that the company you are interviewing for is a good fit for you. Ask about the company culture. Ask them what they like and dislike about working there. Ask about personal development. If there is anything specific that you are looking for in a company then ask about it.

  • What is the company culture like?
  • What do you like about working at the company?
  • What does your design process look like?
  • What are your goals for this position?
  • What does success look like in this position?
  • How are design tasks assigned?
  • Where do you see design going in the future at this company?
  • Is there any reason why I wouldn’t be a good fit for this position?

Welp. That’s all folks!

These tips are things that have worked for me, so this isn’t the only way you can prepare, and it may not be the best way for you, but it can give you a good place to start. It will also ease some stress because now you can go into your interview with a plan. Control the things you can control and don’t worry about the rest. You can control how you prepare for an interview. Put in the time and the effort and don’t leave things up to chance. Make sure you leave that interview knowing that you did the absolute best you could. Keep your head up. I believe in you! Keep striving for knowledge and keep moving forward on your UX journey. Please feel free to share your interview prep tips or comment with any questions.



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