Jill Stein Songs (Best of the Internet)

There are many musical videos about Jill Stein on the net. Here’s a good 5 everyone should start with. Please share them and get the word out!

5. “Still Jill Stein” (Orf)

Learn all about Jill Stein with some bad jokes and celebrity references.

4. “Jill Stein Honesty Jam” (Hot Dad)

Great one for those with ADD.

3. People Got the Power (Jill Stein & Kenny Selcer)

Who knew Jill Stein plays the bongos! (Even better than Bernie!)

2. “Power to the People” (Kor Element)

As an amateur rapper myself, I can tell you, this is not easy to do live.

1. American Dream (Somebody’s Sister)

Great track from Jill Stein’s old band!

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