Now I have been censored by Facebook

I called out PBS for censoring Jill Stein. And now I have been censored by Facebook. The video (still on Youtube) reveals PBS selectively editing out nearly two-thirds of Jill’s response to the last interview question.

The video is still on Youtube

The Facebook video got more than 5k shares and 100k views and in less than 24 hrs. And then all of a sudden, this afternoon, it disappeared.

I received no notification from Facebook about it.

Tons of people shared screenshots of their posts of my original “Jill Stein Censored by PBS NewsHour” video with a new message at the top saying:

“Your post was removed. It looks like the link you shared doesn’t follow our Community Standards. If you think your post shouldn’t have been removed, let us know by filing out this form.”

The thousands of posts sharing the video are now invisible to the public.

This is wrong. And frankly, very scary. The comment sections of several posts are filled with people sharing screenshots documenting the removal of the video from their timelines. Many commenters on Youtube also say their posts of the video on Facebook were removed.

It is also blocked on other Facebook Pages who have tried to upload it. We Are The Media notes in the comments below, “This has never happened [before]…”

The video has since been re-uploaded to other pages, including my own personal profile (separate from my Page where it’s still hidden). But Facebook really hindered the momentum the original was generating by removing it.

I’m shocked, disturbed,…and FURIOUS. Please share this and remind the TV and Internet censors of the “Streisand effect”.

  • Update 8/27/16: Not everybody got the “Community Standards” notification.
  • *Update 8/28/16: The original video is still blocked on my Facebook Page. But new uploads to my Page are not.
  • Update 8/28/16: I previously posted on Facebook that I was unable to tag my Page in posts, I tested that with other Pages, and it seems that is normal. You cannot tag Facebook Pages in posts, only pics and videos. This is different from personal Facebook profiles, which can be tagged in posts (in addition to pics and videos).
  • Update 8/29/16: We Are The Media has verified the story:

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