Aerators Slow Spreading of Zika Virus in Man Made Lakes and Ponds

Numerous apartment and offices complexes are built around man-made lakes, ponds, and water features. Zika virus’ entry into America requires planning to slow this disease. Freshwater ponds, streams, trapped bodies of water near rivers, water features, Koi ponds, and man-made lakes are breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquito.
Pesticide solutions generate toxins which are environmental and health concerns. They eventually contaminate ground water and land endangering humans and endangered species. The Aedes mosquito problem is spreading in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Multiple cases are documented by medical authorities and the CDC. 
Solar powered water aeration features are the most effective solution to this problem. This eliminates the need for electricity in the area. Moving water prevents the breeding of the carrier of Zika…the Aedes mosquito. Green living improves the mosquito problem, without leaving pollutants and contaminants. The water systems connect with one another. This will prevent toxic run-off and destruction of larger bodies of water.
 Man-made lakes and water features are located in many office developments, apartment developments, planned cities, city parks, catfish farms, farms, and ranches. Water movement prevents stagnation. The increased oxygen transfer rate moves the water diminishing the concern. Several aerators are required to significantly move water in the larger man-made lakes and ponds. Kasco’s Product above relies on electricity, rather than solar energy.
Solar solutions prevent the destruction of the water aquifers. There are several manufacturers, but the city government’s are spraying pesticides. Longer term solutions must be evaluated immediately.

“Solar-powered aeration systems are an attractive alternative to electricity for environmentally conscious reasons. It can also replace costly fuel run compressors easing maintenance and operations. offers solar aeration using the Solar line of products for a reliable alternative to standard aeration:

CB line is for industrial applications
SB line for residential or smaller applications. is the exclusive Canadian dealer for Keeton Industries, the US manufacturer of Solar aeration. Issues are listed below:

For aquatic environments ranging in size requiring 1 diffuser up to 16 diffusers

Fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating condition.

The battery backup system continues operations under less-than-optimal conditions

Built for both temperate or colder climates
Economical, no additional costs to runThe Solar systems pay for themselves with time, resulting in unbelievable cost savings over electric-powered aeration systems.”

Please visit the website to learn more about this option.”

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