Longer Term Consequences of Zika

UT Texas Photo

The Zika outbreak is spreading quickly. This impacts many industries working in the area. Land conservation and habitat restoration require human workers. They are at risk for Zika virus. Cost will increase restoring and protecting endangered and threatened land. It is imperative to step up the restoration money for the areas now prior to the formal declaration of a “Pandemic Warning” by the CDC in Atlanta.

WWF and NRDC must recognize the huge impact of Zika on their goal. It increases health dangers for workers and endangered species. There are no solutions available at the present moment. It is imperative to focus attention on this matter and develop options. Creative and aggressive ideas are key to slowing this situation until a cure is found. CRISPR gene therapy may solve this disease in the future. In the meantime, long-term health consequences may be staved off with immunotherapy.

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