Imagine if you will…

We’re trying something different tonight. Long time Endgames Improviser Andy Feldman brings his vision of a Twilight Zone inspired play to the stage featuring Taco Monster (Natasha Vinik, Chloe Kiester, and Tess Menzies). He had a few things to say about it.

My love for improvisation came late. I always wanted to be a writer, starting when I was two years old and wrote stories with illustrations of weird potato creatures (this may or may not be on my dating profile, which would explain some things…). So once I entered this beautiful Endgames community, finding a way to incorporate my other passion always floated in the back of my mind.
Then I saw a picture of Taco Monster at a jam. These talented women have been my friends for a long time, but seeing this picture, Natasha and Tess in poofy prom dresses and Chloe decked out in all black, sparked something in me, and that spark soon took on a life of its own.
“Imagine if You Will…” is meant to be an anthology series where established improv teams can showcase off their performing talents beyond all the make-em-ups. Writing for these friends of mine has been a complete joy, and I’m honored to have Taco Monster tackle the first play in this series, “The Homecoming Queen,” bringing that funny photo to life in a twisted fashion.
I want to thank everyone at Endgames for their welcoming and supportive attitudes and for allowing me to reveal to the world how strange my brain really is. With luck, everyone will get to play a potato creature (or, more realistically, a regular character…but a strange one!) in the future.

Come see Imagine if you Will: The Homecoming Queen tonight at 8pm. Endgames Improv at Stage Werx, 446 Valencia street. $5 at the door, free for Endgames students.