Endless Game Dec 3 Weekly Update


We are very proud to share our first weekly update here where you can check all recent updates of Endless Game. The past week has been action-packed and full of exciting news. Our team is working hard on optimizing games in every aspect for the best game experience. New features and more games are on their way. Stay tuned and have fun!


Endless Crash

Endless Crash has been very popular since its launch, and we’ve been receiving lots of comments and feedback from our community. We’ve been making improvements and optimizing Crash over the last week.

  • Added betting history;
  • Optimized front-end display
  • Fixed inconsistency between front-end display and blockchain data, and
  • Improved game performance in general

Endless Dice

  • Optimized user interface of Dice on mobile devices;
  • Added ET support: Dice is our first game to support betting with ET. To celebrate this great news, we reduced house edge from 2% to 1.5% while betting with ET, and dividends in ET is now available to all ET holders in promotional to the amount of ET staked. With one single click, players can claim their dividends in both ET and EOS;
  • Optimized Autobet to avoid unexpected disruption

New Games & Future Plans

World War Endless

Design Draft of World War Endless (Not the Final Version)

WWE is our first PvP game where players can form alliances at their own will. This project is the beginning of our PVP strategy game initiative. After its launch, we will continuously add new features to the game making it a fun multiplayer PVP game. At launch, the game will have the following features:


War Wolrd Endless will be the first blockchain game ever to allow players to form an alliance with other players. You can invite your friends to join your force and flight along with your side.


Geopolitics is factored in the gameplay to make this game more fun. Controlling certain countries will play a very important role during the gameplay.


In the Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote that “Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans”. By funding Espionage activities in a foreign country, you will have a chance to take over the country with minimum cost.

VIP System

The team is currently working on the VIP system. With the VIP system, players will be able to receive some bonus in EOS with each bet. The higher your level is, the more bonus you will receive.

More Token Support

After supporting ET, the team has completed the infrastructure for betting with other tokens. The team has opened up conversations with multiple

Twitter Campaign

Since the launch of Endless Game, we are grateful to have many players supporting us. In order to give back to our community, we initiated a Twitter campaign last week with great prizes. Congratulations to our first prize winner shubhamchowdha1 who will be receiving 20 EOS, and other winners shown as follows.

To claim the reward for our twitter campaign, please kindly send your EOS account to our official twitter @EndlessGameTeam via direct message. We will send out rewards accordingly.

We will launch more of these events in the future within our community. Join our official telegram group, Endless Game if you don’t want to miss out the fun.

Team Endless

Game On.