Endless@IOST Voting Guide

Dear players,

We are very excited to join the IOST Global Partner Program, and becoming a contributor to the bigger blockchain community. If you happen to be an IOST holder, please remember to vote for us at iost.biss.com.

In order to incentivize more people to vote for us and learn about the IOST ecosystem, we will soon host an IOST airdrop for all Endless players. More details will be released soon. Stay tuned!

How to Vote For Endless@IOST

1. Signup and Login BISS.com

  • Click “Signup” on the right of the navigation bar, enter your email address, set the password and enter the email verification code to complete registration.
  • Click “log in” on the right of the navigation bar, enter your email address and password to log in.
  • Please keep your password private and secure after registration.
  • Safety Notes: When you register for the voting portal, you are actually registering a biss.com account. You can add extra security (2FA, Email recovery, etc) to your account by login into biss.com and do so in the setting.

2. Deposit IOST

  • Click “My Account” on the left of the navigation bar to open your account page. Click to copy the address or scan the QR code to deposit IOST.
  • Deposit tokens to the IOST address or transfer from your BISS account. Your tokens and rewards can be withdrawn after March 10th. The IOST x BISS portal will help you swap your ERC-20 IOST into IOST mainnet coin.
  • Please read the page details carefully to avoid any losses incurred.

3. Vote for Endless@IOST

  • You can find us in the candidate list on the voting page. Or your can search “Endless@IOST” to locate us.
  • Click “Vote” on the left to open the voting page. You will see information about the total voting bonus, your bonus and your available tokens for voting.
  • Search for Endless@IOST. Click“ Vote” to vote for Endless Game. 1 IOST = 1 vote. Once tokens are voted, they are not allowed to be changed or revoked until the March 10th.
  • After voting, you can share the poster and referral link to invite friends and earn extra rewards from BISS.

Benefits & Rewards

Early Bird Voting Rewards: When you stake and vote in the ERC-20 election, you will receive an annualized 25% return on your token amount, based on the duration these tokens are staked. This will run until March 10th.

Voting Dividends: Token holders who vote for partners / nodes that successfully reach the 2.1M token requirement during the election, will receive an on-going 50% share of that partners / nodes rewards. The annual reward pool is 840 Million IOST tokens (5 million USD).

Rewards will be released every day at GMT 00:00:00.

Automatic Mainnet Token Swap

ERC-20 tokens used for voting will be automatically swapped to Mainnet tokens on March 10th. After Mainnet launch, you can claim your assets and rewards which will be successfully credited to your account after a 7-day lock-up. The assets and rewards will then be allowed to be traded or transferred.

Join our official telegram group if you have any questions.

About Biss.com

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