Feb. 18:Endless to be built on IOST & New Game

Dear Players,

Over the past weeks, endless has performed steadily within the overall market. While maintaining the daily operation of the platform, we are progressively approaching our business goal in the long run. We are very excited to announce that Endless Game will be one of the first Dapps to be built on IOST.

First Dapp Built On IOST

It has been almost a month since Endless started running for IOST nodes election. Among hundreds of candidates, we are the number one Dapp developer with over 15 million IOST votes from all over the globe. Endless is among the first few projects to be selected by IOST and its community to be officially integrated onto their Mainnet. As mentioned before, we will share a certain percentage of our BP profit with our communities. Stay tuned!

IOST Airgrab Event

The 5,000,000 IOST airgrab event finished last month was a great success. We will be issuing out all IOST rewards to users who submitted their Biss address within the next week. More events are their way!

New Game: Poseidon’s Challenges

While traditional fish hunting games created this fashionable trend in the air, it has been brought to blockchain as well. Endless is glad to joint promote this new game so our players will also be able to play on our platform. Some of the highlights of Poseidon’s Challenges:

  • Completely Resource-free: Say goodbye to the EOS CPU issues. All CPU costs will be covered for our players.
  • More Fun: Exquisite image of Seaworld. Multiple ways to kill different types of fish.
  • FS token: Play to get FS token where you can stake for the daily dividend.
  • Provable Fairness: You can verify all the results on the blockchain.

Currently, the game is still under development and we aim to launch the game around the end of March. Please let us our community moderator know if you are interested in joining our voluntary tester program, help us refine the gameplay before the official launch.

More information will be released soon.