Jan. 24: Airgrab Event Details

Dear players,

The event will start from Jan.24, 2019 GMT 04:00:00 to Jan.30, 2019 GMT 03:59:59. Get excited and happy gaming!

There are two ways to participate in the event and get IOST:

  1. 1,000,000 IOST will be given out to users based on their amount of ET staked during the event.


If you stake 10,000 ET for 6 days during the event, which makes it 144 hours in total, the total ET staking weight for you would be 10,000 * 144 = 1,440,000. You final IOST reward will be proportional to your final ET staking weight.

2. 4,000,000 IOST will be given out based on your total amount wagered during the event.

If you wagered a total amount of 10,000 EOS during the event, you would get 14,000 IOST as rewards. If you wagered 300,000 EOS in total, you would get 500,000 IOST. If you wagered more than 50,000 EOS, you can take away 1,000,000 IOST. The more you play, you more IOST you will get in return.

How to claim IOST?

After the event ends, we will direct you to register for an IOST address within Biss account. To claim your IOST rewards, simply submit your request to us with your IOST address. Due to holiday issue, you would be able to have till Feb.14th to submit your request, and rewards will be issued within 2–3 weeks after your submission. IOST (ERC-20) will arrive in your Biss account.

We will release a detailed IOST claiming tutorial later.

What is Biss?

Biss is dedicated to creating a new generation of exchanges that bring together the world’s top digital currencies. It utilizes top-of-the-line matching systems, innovative cold wallet technology, full memory trading system, and full hardware security solutions to enable users to efficiently and securely trade between digital currencies. As the first exchange of both cryptocurrency and stock CFD,BISS.COM and IOST reached a strategic cooperation.BISS Exchange will powering the IOST Global Partner Program.

What can you do with IOST?

You will be able to withdraw IOST from your Biss account after IOST Mainnet launch on March. 10th. Before this, You can stake and vote for IOST global partners with over 1000 IOST in your account.

Early Bird Voting Rewards: You will receive an annualized 25% return on your token amount, based on the duration these tokens are staked. For example if you stake and vote 1,000 IOST ,you will get 1,250 IOST a year after. This will run until Mainnet launch.

Voting Dividends: If you vote for partners / nodes that successfully reach the 2.1M token requirement during the election, you will receive an on-going 50% share of that partners / nodes rewards. The annual reward pool is 840 Million IOST tokens (5 million USD).


Voter A stakes 1M IOST to Candidate B on Jan. 24th who then successfully secures 21M tokens (1% of the total votes) and contribution score 50% higher than average. Candidate B’s rewards will be 8,400,000 IOST in the first year. And for candidate A, the early bird voting rewards will be 36,301 IOST plus voting dividend of 200,000 IOST.

Automatic Mainnet Token Swap

ERC-20 tokens used for voting will be automatically swapped to Mainnet tokens on March 10th. After Mainnet launch, you can claim your assets and rewards which will be successfully credited to your account after a 7-day lock-up. The assets and rewards will then be allowed to be traded or transferred.